Make Little Changes with Blueberries & Cheerios

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When it comes to making lifestyle changes, people generally jump in with both feet – and I’m including myself in that assessment. This is often why we fail. Perhaps fail is a harsh word; it’s more that we don’t meet our expectations as quickly as we’d like. When we don’t begin to see immediate results, we tend to write the experience off as a failure and throw in the towel. The simple truth is, some things are worth waiting for – and that includes the results that come from making healthy changes and habits. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your health, get a better night’s sleep, or just spend more time on you – small, steady steps are the best way to make your goals a reality!

With me, it needs to be an easy change. When I feel overwhelmed, I’m more likely to give up. I found some great tips on how little changes can lead to big rewards.

Drink an Extra Glass

Whether you drink water like a fish or would do well to increase your water, drink a glass above your normal intake. Water is essential to almost every goal. It helps flush out toxins, aids in losing weight, and adds to having better energy.

Sweeten Your Day with Blueberries

It’s recommended that we get 1 1/2 – 2 cups of fruit per day, but many people have a hard time doing do. I know that I personally had an issue with this until I realized that I could simply add fruits to foods I was already eating!


You can add a handful of blueberries into your morning smoothie, or add a cup of blueberries to your bowl of Cheerios to start your day with a burst of flavor and nutrition!


Blueberries are available year round and they are packed full of Vitamin C and fiber*. Add in the 100% whole grain oats of Cheerios, and you have a dynamic duo! Of course, the little blue dynamos aren’t just a breakfast food! You can add them to your post workout smoothies, top your frozen yogurt with them, even fill a small container with fresh blueberries for a fresh, delicious snack for the kids and adults!


Take the Stairs

This seems so simple – because it is! Given the option between an elevator and stairs, get those legs moving and choose the latter. I don’t recommend hiking up fifteen flights of stairs on your first go unless you’re in excellent shape, you do need to know your limits – but gradually push them a bit. You can also park farther away from the store entrance when you go shopping, all of those additional steps add up!

Make Healthy Swaps

Instead of adding cream cheese or mayonnaise to your party dips or other recipes, substitute heart-healthy avocados. Use olive oil instead of dressing on your salad – you can even mix olive oil and vinegar for a zippy salad dressing alternative. Use mustard on your sandwiches instead of mayo – it has no fat.

Flip the Off Switch

Some of us are so busy that we end up watching television, reading emails, or using social media right up until bedtime. This doesn’t allow our brains much time to down shift into the “I’m sleepy” mode. Try to turn off the electronics at least an hour prior to snoozing. Call it “you” time and let your mind slide happily into relaxation away from DIY Pinterest boards, pictures of relatives, and funny auto-corrects.

For more suggestions on how you can incorporate little changes to achieve big rewards head over to Blueberry Council site, where you can find a downloadable calendar full of inspirational quotes, tasty recipes, and more.



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