Living a Healthier Lifestyle with 4X ProB Probiotic #DigestiveCare

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When 2012 began, I was quite a bit overweight. After quitting smoking towards the end of the year, overindulging in holiday treats and just being lazy, my waistline was not happy with me.

One of my resolutions for 2012 was to get healthy again – not just to lose weight, but to quit smoking again (for good, hopefully!), exercise more and get myself in good physical shape. After watching my husband run the Warrior Dash in December, I felt like a major dork not being able to participate!

2012 is going to be different!

I’ve been watching what I eat and trying to maintain a healthier diet and lifestyle. One of the biggest changes I’ve made is how I eat – my fridge is stocked with veggies and fruits, which is a benefit not only to me, but to my entire family! I’ve made little changes that make a big difference too, like my taking 4X ProB probiotics that I purchased from You can read more about my shopping on in this Google+ story.

4X ProB is a natural probiotic, so I can reap the rewards of a healthy digestive system without worrying about putting anything bad in my body. And it’s so much easier to simply take a single pill each morning than to worry about eating a certain yogurt every day! I like yogurt, but not so much that I’d eat it every day! I also like that because the 4X ProB is time released, I don’t have to worry about when it’s going to hit me. I take it each morning with my regular multivitamin and it’s just part of my routine each day.

Taking the 4X ProB probiotic on a daily basis helps my digestion stay on track, no matter what I eat, but combined with the healthier diet, I am feeling better overall. It’s funny, on the days when I eat badly, I actually feel it the next day – I feel sluggish and tired, which is a great motivator for getting back on track the next day!

Zero calorie drinks, sugar free Jell-O snacks, fruits, unsweetened iced tea and Slim-Fast shakes!

Also, instead of grabbing convenience foods when we are rushing in the morning, I keep a supply of Slim-Fast shakes in the fridge for us to grab when I don’t have time to cook breakfast..which is more often than I care to admit, but at least the Slim-Fast shakes are healthy and low calorie!

While my daughter and I were on the cruise, I made sure to eat salad every day with lunch and dinner – it helped me to not eat too much “bad” food because I was able to fill up on healthy salads and veggies, then eat just a few bites of the high calorie stuff and still feel satiated. Eating vegetables and fruits also helps aid in my digestive care; it is so much better for your digestion to eat veggies and such than to load up on carbs and fatty foods. Your body knows how to digest vegetables and it makes the body work much easier.

In the beginning of the year, I began a subscription to, where I found a ton of work out videos to use along with my Gaiam balance ball – this is really my favorite way to exercise because it’s low impact but I still see a big result. I also purchased a new elliptical trainer, but with being so busy with in in-laws visiting, my sister’s wedding and back to back travels, I haven’t touched it in over a month! Walking the dogs and doing simple stretches and abdominal exercises on the balance ball were my only real exercise for the past month, which really slowed down my weight loss!

While we were on the cruise, I was able to get a lot of swimming in, which is one of my favorite forms of exercise. My above-ground pool is empty right now, so I haven’t swam in months! Luckily, there were three pools on the cruise ship, and we went on two excursions that were water based: we went snorkeling and then tubing and swimming. Snorkeling was such an intense workout because it was incredibly windy that day and the current was so strong that I had to work extra hard to make my way out to the reef and not be carried away by the current! I was actually sore the next day!

After talking to my daughter about why I was taking the 4X ProB probiotics, we had a discussion about her digestive health. Let’s just say that she is not as regular as she should be. So much so that I bought another bottle of 4X ProB probiotics from Costco for her to take! With her being in her early teens, I think it’s imperative to start her on the right track to taking care of her body now.

I’ve shown her the 4X ProB Facebook page to help explain a little more about digestive health and what ProB does, you should check it out too!

I’ll definitely continue taking my 4X ProB probiotics, and my daughter will as well. Aside from drinking enough water and eating the proper foods, the supplement is the best way to keep my digestion on track.

What do you do to ensure you have a healthy digestive system?

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, and all opinions are my own. #CBias

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    Good for you Jenn! I know how hard it can be to start eating healthy. I have been slacking off these past couple weeks. :/ I’ve been trying to go vegan, but it is SO hard since I am the only one in my family. Ugh, I need to get back into shape and start eating healthy again!

  2. says

    Sounds like you’ve been doing it long enough that it’s a habit for you now. Awesome! Yay you! (And I’m SO impressed you managed to eat healthfully while on a cruise.)

  3. says

    I’m trying to put my jealousy aside (it looks like a wonderful cruise) and only be happy for your continued health, but that picture of amazing blue ocean just makes it impossible!:)

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