Little Known Facts About Travelling to Dubai – And Why They Matter

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Dubai presents an appealing destination for vacationers from around the globe. From the mind-blowing skylines and lavish accommodations to the gilded shopping centers and sun-drenched beaches, Dubai is an oasis for visitors searching for a grand adventure, indulgence or a tranquil escape from the everyday.

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All the same, Dubai’s vibrant culture and history originates in centuries-old Islamic practices, laws, and regulations. These rules prescribe how the Emirate operates making them necessary to learn well before visiting.  Here are a few essential travel tips for those planning their first trip to the city, designed to enhance your vacation and eliminate any potential for an unpleasant time.

Getting Around

Dubai is a nicely designed city for a visitor. The main highway, Sheikh Zayed Road, runs along the entire length of the city. Because all of the main Dubai attractions can be found just off of this main highway, visitors can enjoy more time sightseeing and less time being lost. 

Dubai’s taxis are city run and charge by how far you go. Some taxi drivers will attempt to negotiate a set price with tourists, which are often more than what they would normally cost you. Make sure your driver turns on their meter. Also, keep in mind that taxis do not generally accept credit cards and likely will not have any change.  Carry small denominations of the local currency with you when out and about in Dubai.

Another way to explore the city is on the Dubai Metro system. It is an affordable and modern way to get around. The window-lined train cars are air-conditioned, offering a fantastic view of the glass skyscrapers while they whisk you through the city.


Regardless of how much you may love your significant other, avoid kissing in public, as this will earn you unwanted attention. Whether you and your significant other are at a restaurant, a nightclub, in the back of a taxi or on the beach, public displays of affection are incredibly distasteful in UAE. Avoid hand holding, as well as kissing, while in public places. 

With that said, there are numerous activities and wonders to see as a couple in Dubai. Take a hot air balloon across the formidable desert sands as the sun begins to rise over the horizon. Spend a day enjoying all that Dubai golf courses have to offer. With ample time between holes to reconnect, grow closer to your mate as you take in the outstanding facilities and breathtaking surroundings.


Dubai truly is a city brimming with a family-friendly atmosphere. Children are notorious for being picky eaters. Luckily the larger hotels of Dubai offer a wide assortment of meals from which your child can choose. Keep in mind that often, very young children do not eat out at night; nonetheless, they are frequently welcome. A good plan is to call ahead and check with the restaurant you are considering. Babysitting services are offered in the main hotels and are a great option.


Dubai is a safe vacation destination for women. However, a woman traveling alone is often a rare sight, resulting in unwanted attention. Staying at one of the four or five-star hotels or resorts will provide a woman traveling solo a much more enjoyable vacation. Often the higher-class hotel’s private beaches and facilities offer a more relaxed atmosphere.

To avoid offending, choose clothing which is neither tight nor revealing, especially when leaving a beach club or resort. Once in the incredible heat, you will likely find loose cotton clothing much more comfortable. When mingling in local establishments, wait for the other person to offer their hand to you for a handshake. For some devout Muslims, it is preferable not to greet a woman with a handshake.

Finally, should you visit during the Holy month of Ramadan, always respect the Muslim practice of fasting. Do not eat, drink or smoke in public between sunrise and sunset. The UAE has a more liberal lifestyle than many other Gulf Nations, yet travelers should be aware that they are still vacationing in a society with strong traditional roots. Despite a few rigid laws that must be respected, do not be reluctant to visit Dubai. It is a fantastic and exceptional getaway, and a definite must see for everyone.

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