Lifetime’s 7 Days of Sex Challenge…Day 5 #7daysofsex

Last night was Day 5 of our involvement in the Lifetime 7 Days of Sex Challenge.

I was tired. Chris was watching YouTube clips of motorcycle races. Angeline showed no signs of being ready for bed early.

I whispered to Chris, “Let’s just go do it.”

Yup, we are the perfect model of romance around here!

Our prompt for day 5 of Lifetime’s 7 Days of Sex Challenge was “His Last Chance: based on what you learned on Day 2, try again!” Since we didn’t really have any issues on Day 2, we just winged it.

You know what I am learning about this challenge? It can be hard to be motivated to have sex on a regular basis. I am starting to understand that old saying married people don’t have sex.

When you’ve been together for a long period of time, it can be hard to get excited about doing something that you’ve done a million times. Knowing that you can have something whenever you want it because that person is always around? It makes it difficult to get excited about it…

Not that it isn’t still wonderful after 11 years, but knowing that my husband will still be there tomorrow night makes it easier to just say, “hey, we will just do it later.” I am learning during this challenge that I really need to stop taking my husband for granted and find ways to get excited!

Since Day 3 was a bust due to headaches after having way too much fun at the Brew in the Zoo event, I have decided to really get into recreating Day 3 for our Day 6 of the Challenge.

Today I am coming up with ways to get excited and make tonight all special and stuff. I started thinking about the routines I used to go through when we were dating…you know, back when you were hopeful that romance would ensue, and you actually prepared for the occasion? Doing your make up, picking out the right outfit, spritzing on the perfume…all of those little things you did to get ready for your date – I don’t really do those things anymore. Not on a regular basis, anyway.

I’m going to take a nice, long bubble bath with the awesome Philosophy bubble bath that came in my survival kit. I’m ironing my hair, which I know my husband likes…I’m going to wear make up…and I’m going to actually put some thought into what I wear out to dinner tonight. Hell, I might even pluck my eyebrows!

Easy enough, right?

I’ll let you know how my primping works out for us tonight when I check in tomorrow!



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    I’m enjoying your journey through this. It’s good to know other couples have to try harder to jazz things up. Makes the rest of us feel more normal ;)

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