Lego Exhibit Opens in The Colorado History Center in Denver

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While I was in Denver, Colorado last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the Colorado History Center.

Unfortunately, I forgot my memory card for the Sony Nex C3 in our hotel room, so I only had my iPhone 4s to take photos!

What makes the newly renovated Colorado History Center Denver different from many other museums is that they’ve taken a thematic approach to their displays – they share stories and the spirit of the Colorado people instead of just showcasing artifacts.

We arrived shortly after Phase I of the new exhibitions – Grand Atriums, Destination Colorado and Colorado Stories.

Designed to make visitors of the Colorado History Center feel like a part of Colorado’s adventurous spirit, the museum is set up with themed areas all around the center, many of them interactive!

colorado history center denver

Included in the Colorado Stories Exhibit

  • Jumping for Joy: Steamboat Springs, 1915
  • Mountain Haven: Lincoln Hills, 1925–1965
  • Convergence: Bent’s Fort, 1833–1849
  • Top of the World: A Silverton Silver Mine, around 1880
  • Confined Citizens: The Amache-Granada Relocation Center, 1942–1945
  • Collision: The Sand Creek Massacre, 1860s–Today
  • Resilience: The Ute Indian Tribes, Time Immemorial to Today
  • Borderlands, 1700–Today
About The Destination Colorado Exhibit
In the 5,000 sq ft Destination Colorado exhibit, visitors can meet the people who long ago settled the town of Keota along the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy rail line, also known as the Prairie Dog Express. I’m guessing it was called the Prairie Dog Express because there are literally a ton of Prairie Dogs all over the area!
The town flourished until the ’20s, as residents farmed and build the Keota school. Unfortunately, the prairie life wasn’t easy and the ways of farming that worked in other places didn’t work the dry plains, and the town eventually dwindled. The Keota residents eventually moved to cities with less arid climates, but they never forgot their Keota beginnings.
Great Map & Time Machines Exhibit

A few of the highly experiential exhibits are the story-telling time machine, a virtual ski-jump and a ride in a Model T!
colorado history center denver

The LEGOrado Exhibit

My favorite part of the Colorado History Center in Denver was…LEGOrado!

colorado history center denver

If you are a fan of LEGO, you must check this exhibit out! It will be open Memorial Day to Colorado Day.

The LEGOrado display features a large train track circling four sections of LEGO buildings and scenes telling Colorado stories from particular places and times, past and future!

colorado history center denver

This is one of my favorite pieces in the LEGOrado exhibit in the Colorado History Center – it is so detailed and I love the sense of humor with the guy riding the dino!

colorado history center denver

As you can see, the LEGOrado exhibit was huge!

colorado history center denver


colorado history center denver

The Colorado History Center is located in downtown Denver and you can find out more about their exhibits, along with Phase II and III of their renovation at

Colorado History Center Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday 10 am – 5 pm

Sunday noon – 5 pm

Colorado History Center Admission Pricing

Adults $10

Students & Seniors $8

Children 6-12 $6 and 5 and under FREE


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    What a cool exhibit. I hate when I don’t have my camera or accessories to take the pictures that I want. The iPhone always comes in handy for a backup though.


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