Learning From The Success Academies – Mission Possible Book Review & Giveaway

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Stagnation, being unable to accomplish one’s job at a high level, is one of the greatest sources of low teacher morale.  Why do you think this country treats teaching so differently than it does other professions?  

I’ve been asked to answer this question today as part of the #ReadMissionPossible campaign, and to also host a giveaway for the new Mission Possible book, by Eva Moskowitz and Arin Lavinia.

Mission Possible Book

I love writing prompts!

The educational system has changed dramatically since I was in school some 15 years ago. My teachers not only had my respect, but they had my admiration. My teachers showed up to school carrying briefcases and wearing suits – they took their jobs seriously and they made me take my education seriously.

When I brought my daughter to the local elementary school for her first day of first grade, I was shocked to find that her teacher was wearing jeans and a tee shirt. I wondered how was a class of 30 six year old children going to take this woman seriously as an authoritative figure when she looked like she was on her way to the park.

As a parent, I have high expectations for the people who teach my daughter. In the United States, we absolutely treat teachers differently than we do other professions, and while I think we should do this, I don’t think it is usually done in the correct way. What I mean by that is that we should give our teachers more respect and more encouragement – because they have the most important job on earth.

After watching my daughter’s teachers become more and more unprofessional throughout the years, I began trying to determine WHY. The answer was always the same: they were disillusioned with the educational system. My daughter’s teachers weren’t giving 100% because they had emotionally checked out. They were underpaid, overworked, were constantly having their benefits ripped away and required to come in on days off, work more hours…the list went on and on.

The lack of respect for our teachers leads many teachers to “check out” so to speak. They begin teaching for a reason: they love learning and they want others to learn! They are passionate about a subject and want to share their passion!

Why isn’t that rewarded? Don’t people realize that no other job in the world would exist without teachers? People want to grow up to be doctors and lawyers – well guess what? Someone has to teach you how to be a doctor or a lawyer.

I just read Mission Possible book and was inspired by the ideas put into action by the Success Academies in New York City. With incredible under-funding and Florida being on the bottom of the list of educated states…I think it’s time for Florida to look into this model of education. We are at the point in Miami where students must apply to special magnet schools to even have a shot at getting a decent high school education, and it breaks my heart.

A little about the Mission Possible book

Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of the Success Academy Charter Schools and Arin Lavinia is the woman who designed and developed THINK Literacy, and together they created Mission Possible.

Through chapters like WHY? What’s Wrong with American Schools? and HOW? Making School a Magical Place, Moskowitz and Lavinia share a formula for changing the way the school system works. If they create successful charter schools in New York City, anyone can do it anywhere! Step by step, the authors share their ideas and what has worked for them, essentially creating an action plan and guideline for recreating their success.

You can also like Eva Moskowitz’s Facebook page for more information about Mission Possible and the Success Academies, or by following on Twitter!

Would you like to read Mission Possible? I have the opportunity to giveaway one book to one lucky reader!

Leave me a comment telling me why you want to win!

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Giveaway is open to US residents and ends August 31. I received compensation for this post but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. says

    We just moved from Florida, and I also attended Florida public schools so I share your thoughts. I’d love to read this book to see some additional perspective on this!

  2. says

    This book sounds really informative and helpful. I’m sorry to hear Miami’s high schools are in such a sad state. Hopefully they’ll turn things around soon.

  3. says

    I’m in Florida too and have had it with our school system. My daughter is taking classes online through FL Virtual School this year. I’ll make a decision about her going back to school next year for high school.

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