Lack of Time or How to Motivate Yourself to Work out Home?

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When it comes to working out, you have to be really motivated, otherwise, you will always find more important things to do. You would leave doing sport until the next Monday, and this Monday would never come. The question is how to motivate yourself in such a manner that you will find working out a very important thing to do and stop postponing it. Read this article and find out how to get rid of lack of time and how to motivate yourself to do sport out at home.

Promise Yourself a Reward

How to get motivated to exercise? Just promise yourself a decent reward! Your goals may vary: if you lose 3 kilograms, you will get yourself a new piece of clothing, or if you work out the whole month, you will visit an expensive restaurant.

I am That Random Girl at the Bar Alone

It can be anything – but the goal has to be real, and the reward has to be really wanted. The hardest thing is to start – later, you will not be seeking a reward, but you will just feel responsible for keeping doing such an important thing.

Find Yourself a Company

There is nothing more inspiring than an exercise in a good company. The workout motivation might be your friend who never lets you be lazy. Invite her/him to your home, put on some good music, and spend an hour or two taking care of your body! The time will pass quickly, and you will enjoy the good company. What can be more inspiring than the laughs, high fives, and the words of encouragement? Each time your friend is lazy, and you are in the mood to do sport, you will not allow him/her to pass and vice versa.

Wash Your Hair Only on Days You Work Out

Yes, this advice might seem a bit weird for motivation to lose weight, however, it is working – tested! The secret of this piece of advice is simple – you wash your hair only when you feel it is dirty, and it is dirty and sweaty only after you exercise. It will take you less than a week to get used to this rule, but later, your brain will not accept the fact that you are washing the hair for no reason. If you wash your hair every two days, it will make you do sport four days a week which is amazing!

Wear Your Workout Clothes

The workout inspiration comes as soon as you wear all the clothes that you bought specifically for this kind of activity. Just do this step – open your wardrobe, take out the clothes, and wear them!

PUMA booty

When you see yourself ready for the exercise, you feel more positive about doing it. Another good advice is the following – buy yourself beautiful workout clothes if you have not already. It would motivate you to wear them and obviously exercise.

Download New Music or Audiobooks

Another advice tested – you are more willing to exercise at home if you are aware that there is some new music waiting for you in your iPod. You cannot wait to press play and fly away dreaming while exercising. The more educational motivation will work for you if you are into literature and like reading new books – how about listening to a new book while you are doing sport? If you choose running outside the house, it is even more efficient because there is nothing more inspiring than doing sport in fresh air.

Put Your Worst Pictures on the Fridge

Seriously, find the pictures where your body looks the worst, print them, and put them on the fridge. This will motivate you not to look like that. The feeling of disgust inspires the best: you will see yourself from outside, you will be terrified, and you will exercise harder. There is nothing worse than contemplating your body in bad form, and you will be definitely super motivated to do everything to change it.

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