Kraft Foods Back to School Kit #Giveaway #KraftBTS

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Just a few more days until Angeline goes back to school!

Not just any school…she’s beginning her high school career! It wasn’t very good timing, but I somehow managed to schedule a week long trip to LA the week after she begins school. So, which I am trying to get her settled in her new high school, attend open houses and run around collecting last minute school supplies, I will also be trying to pack and get ready for my LA trip.

I am getting a little stressed out just thinking about it!

Luckily, Kraft Foods knows how stressful the first week of school can be for kids as well as their parents, and they’ve created this fun Back to School package.

Easy weeknight meals made with Velveeta Cheesy Skillets? Check!

After school cookies for the kiddos? Check!

A great meal planning calendar from MomAgenda? Check!

GermX for those germy school hands? Check!

Super cool backpack? Check!

This back to school care package is going to make our first week back to school so much easier – well, that’s if Angeline doesn’t eat all of the cookies and drink all of the Capri Suns before school actually begins on Monday!

One of my lucky readers is going to win this fantastic Back to School Kit from Kraft Foods! While I am totally in love with my meal planner from Mom Agenda – it sticks right to the fridge with magnets – we also really love the Chips Ahoy cookies for an easy afternoon snack, and who doesn’t love Capri Sun? Angeline has loved Capri Sun ever since she was a toddler – and we still buy them to this day.

The new Capri Sun contains a combined serving of fruits and vegetables (3/4 from fruit juice and 1/4 from vegetable juice) and is a good source of fiber, offering a perfect blend of nutrition, great taste and kids will actually love it!

The Kraft Foods Back to School Kit includes organization tools and great food items for your family like Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink, a coupon for a Lunchables with Smoothie, a coupon for a Jell-O with Mix-Ins Pudding Snacks, Chips Ahoy Cookies and Velveeta Cheesy Skillets as well as a meal planner pad from Mom Agenda, calendar stickers, backpack, memo pad, Ice Pack, Crazy Straws, and hand sanitizer to help both you and your family get into the swing of school with ease.

Each prize pack is estimated at approximately $100!

Do you want to stay organized and make life a little easier now that school has begun? Then enter to win this cool Kraft Foods Back to School Kit!

How to Enter

Leave me a comment telling me your best back to school tip or trick for staying organized and stress free!

Tweet your tip with the #KraftBTS hashtag and leave me the URL to your tweet in a comment!

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Contest is open to US residents and ends on August 31, 2012.  I received the same products as stated in the above Kraft Giveaway Prize Pack, but all opinions are my own!

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  1. monique bon says

    My best back to school tip is to start your back-to-school shopping with a game plan. Even if your child’s teacher hasn’t provided a list of school supplies, you can’t go wrong by sticking with the basics and taking advantage of back-to-school sales.

    Moniquebbon at gmail dot com

  2. says

    My tip for staying organized is to use a weekly planner. I write everything down and make sure I have notebooks around so I can jot down notes/schedules/etc. I’d never keep up otherwise! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. says

    We do backpacks, snacks and lunches set out before I go to bed. That way, we’re not running around searching for library books or sneaks for gym class!

  4. says

    My best tip is to make sure everything is finished the night before. Get the kids their showers, pack their bags and lay out their clothing!

  5. Stacey B says

    A tip I’d like to suggest that helps save time in the mornings, is to prepare their lunch the night before, as well as set out their clothes they’ll need

  6. says

    What a great prize pack! I’d love to win. My best staying organized back-to-school tip is to lay as much out the night before so you’re not rushed in the morning. I’m not a morning person so this is essential for us.

  7. says

    My best tip is to have a “launch” area near the front door. Have the backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, ect ready to go every morning so you’re not running around like crazy trying to find it all.

  8. Tabathia B says

    I usually have a breakfast menu on the fridge for the week which saves time in the morning

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  9. tess says

    make sure you fix lunches at night and have bins for your kids that have their clothes and shoes and backpack for the morning in there already
    tcogbill at live dot com

  10. Becky H says

    I try to take a little time over the weekend to make sure her school clothes are washed and ironed. Then it is a snap to pick out clothes the night before.

  11. Carol W says

    I have my kids do homework after school and they repack it back as soon as they are done. thnks
    carolwegs at gmail dot com

  12. Carri Moore says

    I make the kids lunches the night before. It frees up my morning to help them find their lost sock or lost homework!

    carrijoymoore at yahoo dot com

  13. Dani K says

    Use a hanging sweater organizer with five shelves and on Sunday have your child put a complete outfit on each shelf – one for each school day of the week. Makes mornings easier!

  14. Kelly D says

    My best tip is to prepare the night before, packing lunches and laying out school clothes. It saves time in the morning.

  15. meme says

    The one that works best for me is getting everything ready the night before. I have all the kids clothes layed out, lunches made and in fridge, and backpacks, shoes etc. by the door.

  16. Darci says

    We have it ready the night before, the kids keep a box of granola bars and juice in their locker in case they forget lunch lol. we have a BIG calendar in the kitchen that everybody is responsible to write their stuff in. i.e. bake sale day, sports after school, activities, I double check it and we make sure we coordinate the driving and activities…it is busy with three boys!

  17. Tim says

    My best back to school tip is to shop early. The longer you wait, the longer the lines and the less the selection.

  18. Tawnya S says

    My best tip is to get everything ready the night before. That way I am not running around like a mad woman in the morning and I am much less likely to forget something.

  19. Stacy T says

    Do everything you can the night before to avoid morning fights. Backpacks by the door, clothes out and shoes/jackets ready.

  20. David Lintz says

    My best tip is to check the ads. They lower prices to get you to the store, so you should oblige them and buy their deals.

  21. Nicole Sender says

    Shop wisely for school lunches. Have all favorites ready to be packed for the lunches the night before school.

  22. Niko O. says

    My tip for staying stress-free and organized is to either take care of things as they come up or make sure to note to take care of it later immediately so you don’t forget!

  23. Mary Cloud says

    We get everything ready the night before so the next morning we can sleep in and not have to rush

    annabellainla @ gmail dot com

  24. meme says

    The one that works out best for me is to lay out all the kids clothes the night before and I make sure their shoes and backpacks are ready waiting by the door.

  25. CHRISTINE M says

    Actually my best back to school tip would be- as you wash your clothes and dry them. Fold them in outfits. I make every out ready and theres drawers with short sleeves, shorts and long sleeves and pants. etc. its so much easier. That way if its cold or rainy the clothes are ready and my kids dont have to change! Works wonders.

  26. april yedinak says

    Best BTS tip- have a place for the kids to store all their school stuff and make it a habit to put everything away

  27. Lisa R says

    My tip that I posted is #KraftBTS organize everything the night before and have your kids empty & straighten out backpacks and go through papers and organize often

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  28. alisa says

    Always keep a routine schedule and stick with it because if you are used to doing things daily it’s always already things you do on a regular basis. And plan ahead if you know in advance what things you have to get done!

  29. says

    I make egg with cheese and veggies in cupcake pan’s with the cupcake wrapper back then put in the freezer the kids can microwave them in the morning for a very quick and easy breakfast!

  30. says

    I like to make lunches for the next day right when they get home from school. It’s pretty convenient since I’m already getting them a snack, too.

  31. Jessica H. says

    I agree with Diana, I get as much done the night before. I always have my girls pack their backpacks and pick out their entire outfit (including shoes!) before they go to bed. That way they can get up quickly get ready.

    Also, on Sunday we always sit down and go over the calendar for the upcoming week so we know what special things we need to be prepared for.

    Oh, and one more, many schools have gone to online bulletin boards and emailed reminders. If you can, sign up for these! Sometimes I only receive half a note home (who knows what happens to the other half!) these keep you updated and remind you what is coming up.

  32. jessie says

    We set up an area by the front door, there is a bench, coat rack and a bulletin board. The boys come in, sit down, take off their shoes, hang up their backpacks and coats. Then on the bulletin board is a clip for each child, all important papers-menus, notes, etc get clipped there. Everything is kept all together in one area, so it doesn’t get misplaced.

  33. Jessica Smith says

    Best back to school tip would be to have everything ready ahead of time, don’t wait last minute or you will be late!

  34. Anna Maloy says

    My best tip is to stage everything for the morning on the night before. Lay out clothes, have lunches ready to go, backpacks packed.

  35. says

    I always make a bunch of homemade snacks in bulk either the week before school starts, or during the first week, and I freeze them so we have a nice after school snack variety ready when the kids get home!

  36. laura ari says

    My best tip is to have a family schedule posted. On a wipe off board, list the week and important events on it, so everyone is on the same page!

  37. Melanie says

    Family communication is so important. My chidren also lay their clothes out the night before and i make lunches as soon as they get off the bus for the next day. I also always prep dinner in the morning so i am not stressed when they get home.

  38. Sarah Zaengle says

    I constantly stock my freezer and pantry with lunch-friendly items when there are big sales, so I’m set ahead of time!

  39. Thabal says

    Clothes are the main issue, I arrange day-wise on Sundays for the following week. Tops, jeans, inners and socks in one place for each weekday.

  40. says

    get everything ready the night before! lay out the clothes pack the backback and everything else that will be needed the next morning.

  41. Christy Maurer says

    My back to school tip is have everyone’s outfits ready for the next day and pack lunches in advance!

  42. evans s says

    my tip is to have a designated place for backpacks, homework, and sneakers so we are not spending time looking for stuff each morning.

  43. Sarah Yurga says

    I carry my calendar with me everywhere I go, then I put all the events on another calendar in the kitchen for everyone to see.

  44. says

    Keep a schedule somewhere you will see it. Do things ahead of time, when possible. Involve the kids so they’ll be less likely to ‘balk’ on you later. Pick your battles. We get in a rush and ‘battle’ over things that don’t even matter just because we get in a hurry/get behind…

  45. says

    On Sunday night I plan out outfits for the entire week. I dont’ have to think about it again till the next week. This is definitely easier for boys than girls.

  46. angie tim baldridge says

    i have the hardest time staying together with the kids but i have everything done and ready in the morning by some miracle lol

  47. says

    I get everything ready the night before, including cereal bowls, spoons, the box of cereal on the counter, and the coffee is on a timer. Mornings are a breeze!

  48. Maxine Rose says

    My best tip is to pick out clothes the night before (including socks, shoes and undies) and pack their backpacks so everything is all ready before they go to bed.

  49. Sue H. says

    My tip is to make a list of everything your child needs to bring to school daily and post near the door so they don’t forget anything.Thanks for the giveaway! :)

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