How Do You Know if Invisalign is Right For You?

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invisalign teen mom advisory board disclosure

It has been almost a year since Angeline began her Invisalign treatment, and what an experience this has been for both of us! Before Angeline and I began working with Invisalign, I knew nothing about orthodontics, traditional braces or the alternatives available, such as Invisalign. While I am FAR from an expert, I have learned so much through my Invisalign training and talking to Angeline’s orthodontist that I find myself jumping into every conversation my friends have about dental treatment for their kids and themselves!

I have found that the most common misconception about Invisalign is that people just don’t think it can treat the same dental problems that traditional wire and brackets braces can treat. Of course, that can easily be remedied by using the Invisalign Smile Assessment, but people don’t know if I don’t tell them! You see, when Invisalign first came onto the market, it was a specific product that met a specific orthodontic need. As technology changed, so did the Invisalign product – but the general public wasn’t aware of those changes.

Part of this misconception is also due to the fact that Invisalign treatment has changed over the years, yet many dentists and orthodontists have not stayed up to date on the advances in technology when it comes to Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign can treat an entire range of dental problems, including things like underbites and overbites, crooked or crowded teeth, gapped teeth, open bites, crossbites – you can talk to your orthodontist to find out exactly what Invisalign can treat in your situation, or check out the Invisalign website for specific information on exactly what dental problems Invisalign can treat for you! You can also use the Invisalign Doctor Locator to find a qualified Invisalign-certified orthodontist in your area. I highly recommend using this tool, as that is how we found our orthodontist and he has been fantastic to work with!

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He even offered to text Angeline every day to remind her to wear her Invisalign aligners after we got back from Europe and she had gotten out of the habit of wearing them properly!

In Angeline’s case, she had crooked teeth, spaced teeth, crowded teeth, a black triangle, and a tooth that needed to be pushed up. Her orthodontist created an Invisalign treatment plan that would correct all of those issues, and it has been smooth sailing! In fact, we already see such a noticeable difference that there are times Angeline argues with me, claiming that her teeth are already fixed and she should just move onto wearing retainers now.


Sigh. Teenagers…they think they know everything!

If you have dental problems that you would like to have corrected, I recommend using the Invisalign Smile Assessment to find out if Invisalign is the right choice for your treatment, and using the Doctor Locator to find a qualified orthodontist near you.

Why is it so important to use the Doctor Locator? Well, these doctors have undergone the training course offered by Align Technology, Inc., which is necessary to enable them to begin treating patients with the Invisalign system. If you are serious about having your dental problems corrected, it is best to find a doctor that is actually qualified to offer you every treatment option available. 

I would love to hear from you if you have personal stories about Invisalign! Please leave me a comment if you have used Invisalign or your teenagers have!

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I am a member of the Invisalign Teen Mom Advisory Board. My daughter has received complimentary treatment from Invisalign, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. says

    I wish these existed when I had the clunky metal braces with colored bands! I would have so chosen invisalign. If my children need braces, we will definitely choose this route

  2. says

    I wish Invisalign had been an option when I needed braces. I had the metal ones that I could change the color of the bands – and that cut my lips and tongue… I would much prefer something like this!

  3. says

    I have a preteen who is just now entering the world of retainers and eventually braces. We’ll definitely be keeping Invisalign as an option. I like those, even for myself.

  4. says

    I am glad you did this post for Madi, my 13 year old really wants to get invisalign for her teeth. I am taking her in a few weeks and this helps in my decision process.

  5. says

    Great information! I have never heard of Invisalign. I honestly don’t know much at all about dentistry. But, I have a feeling I will learn more and more as my daughter gets older.

  6. says

    Thanks for the information. I just got both my kids out of braces, but I will share this info with my friend whose kid is almost at braces age.

  7. says

    My youngest is 9 and she has traditional braces right now. We are told that she’ll need to have them again when she is 12, so I’ll definitely be looking at this!

  8. says

    I’ve had braces three times – the second time I had Invisalign. I wish my orthodontist had pushed me more to have regular braces because the Invisalign, while great at straightening my teeth, didn’t do the job we set out to do (which was jaw-related.) It’s a great system, though, and I’d recommend it to people who didn’t have more serious issues like mine that they’re trying to correct!

  9. says

    I am in Invisalign braces now as a 33 year old adult. I LOVE them- Really! I’m only in my 5th week and I have already noticed a huge difference, and I”m loving that the entire world can’t easily tell I’m an adult with braces. Best decision I ever made for myself.

  10. says

    I really have thought about Invisalign for me. I had braces for years as a kid and one tooth has moved and is crooked now. Drives me crazy! My oldest has braces right now and I cringe at the thought of ever having braces again… this might be the answer!

  11. says

    Many people wants to straighten their crooked or spaced teeth. For this case, invisalign is the one and only best choice because it offers various health benefits including hygienic and it never gives any kind of irritation or pain like traditional metal braces

  12. says

    Aww, she has such a pretty smile! I’ve heard alot about Invisalign but I’ve never needed braces. My niece though…has had braces for a couple of years. She had a huge gap between her 2 front teeth and they’re looking good. I’m not sure if she ever looked into Invisalign or not though.

  13. says

    Great Post.. I was just talking to a co-worker the other day if my Teen would be a candidate for Invisalign and I had no idea that they could fix THAT many issues…thanks for sharing, I soo need to get him in to see if these will work for us…

  14. says

    I have heard good things about Invisalign too! I have always needed braces and have thought about this for myself. Also something that might be good for my teen that may need braces.

  15. Eliz Frank says

    Sorry, I had to come back (switched computers) as I was commenting on a tiny notebook and the huge ad made it hard to comment. As for invisalign, I’m surprised to read that some people think it might not be effective as metal braces… Like you said, they are great if handled properly and inserted by a trained orthodontist. Informative post. TY!

  16. says

    My kid has braces and I really wish I had insisted we get Invisalign. She is so non-compliant with her braces care and I worry what her teeth will look like when they come on. Good luck to your teen.

  17. says

    Austin just finally came out of his braces a year or so ago. I know he wishes Invisalign had been an option when he first started treatment! It looks much more comfortable and less conspicuous than traditional braces. Your daughter’s smile is beautiful, by the way!

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