Klout thinks that I’m a crazy cat lady…

So…yeah. When I returned to the online world after my week-long absence during my in-laws recent visit, I found that Klout had decided I was influential about…

Freaking CATS.


Really, Klout?


I don’t know whether to be completely and utterly insulted that Klout thinks I am a crazy cat lady…

or totally roll with it.

I do love me some kitties.

And…I may or may not post my fair share of photos of my cats on Instagram, which feeds to my Twitter stream…

Crap.  I am a crazy cat lady, aren’t I?


  1. says

    Klout has said some strange things about me, too.
    They said I was infulential about Philadelphia once. I have never been there and never even posted or said anything about Philadelphia. =)
    I cracked up when I saw the photo of your cat in the onsie… I remember that story, you Krazy Kat Lady!!!

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