Because Kittens Make Everything Better…Right?

The past week has not been a great one.

We found out that our foster kittens had ringworms…no, they didn’t have ringworms. They were infested with ringworms. I spent three days bleaching, bleaching, and bleaching again. I washed every fabric in the house three times. With bleach. I wiped down every surface of the house. With bleach.

I cried.

I took my dogs to the vet to get checked for ringworm and found that one of my Shelties had a ringworm, but luckily the vet didn’t charge me for the office visit and after applying the ointment to little Toby’s eyelid for a few days, it’s already gone. Awesome.

I took my husband’s car for an oil change and found out that the water pump was leaking – like seriously leaking. $793 later, I left Tire Kingdom with a new water pump and a maxed out credit card. Also? A frown.

Then I basically broke my blog when I was pretending to know what I was doing…24 hours and a bottle of wine later, all of my stat counting plugins were back on track, with the exception of one.

I’m pretending that I don’t need it.

I played a lot of Words with Friends and Party Bingo in between attempts to figure out what the heck I did to create 284 URL errors in my Google Webmaster account. Then I somehow deleted the footer on my blog…I don’t need that either, right?

Then we had a family emergency and someone very important to me was admitted to the hospital. I guess it will be a few days before we know the outcome of that situation, and I am trying all I can do to keep myself from collapsing on the floor, crawling into the fetal position and sucking my thumb.

It’s been one of those weeks. I’m not really sleeping, I am barely cooking, and my diet has consisted of mostly just coffee and SmartPop! popcorn.

Hey, the popcorn is very low calorie, so at least there’s that.

So, when I woke up this morning after only getting 4 hours sleep, I did what any woman who wants to rest and relax and get her schedule back on track would do…I went to the Humane Society and picked up three new foster kittens to take care of for the next two weeks.

I’m thinking of applying for sainthood, y’all.

Or at the very least, I’ll start keeping track of my mileage to and from the Humane Society for charitable donations on my taxes!



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    Oh sweetie I just want to hug you. I KNOW those types of weeks all too well. You know it will all be ok in the end, but that doesn’t stop it from just totally sucking.

    I love how sweet you are to animals – I have a heart for animals too. (And shelties!)

    Thinking of you and praying for you.

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