Keep Your Pups Flea-Free with Adams Flea & Tick Collar

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Tracking Pixel Living in the sunshine state (that’s Florida) comes with a lot of perks, most of them weather related. Who doesn’t love 80-90-degree weather year-round and beach trips even in February? But this subtropical weather presents some unique challenges for pet owners…especially if you’re the pet owner of Shetland Sheepdogs. Their long fur and double coat requires extensive grooming and tends to be a magnet for sand, dirt…and of course, dreaded fleas and ticks. It’s hard to imagine a downside to living in sunny weather year-round, but pet owners know that fleas are definitely one of them. Which is why I was more than happy to team up with Adams Pet Care to try their new flea prevention collar and write this sponsored post about the importance of being proactive when it comes to flea prevention.


Unlike cooler climates where the pest tends to die off in cooler months, they’re rampant all year long in Miami. If you’ve never treated a long-haired dog for fleas, let me be the first to tell you it’s no walk in the park. It’s long miserable hours spent combing, bathing, and spraying until your hands are cramped into deformed claws.


Being proactive is the name of the game when it comes to preventing flea infestations with my long-haired beauties. The problem becomes exponentially worse when you take into consideration that we also have two cats! While the cats are indoors, our dogs clearly go outside – and if they get fleas, it spreads to the cats too…so instead of two pets to handle, it becomes four.

This spring we’re treating the dogs with Adams™ Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs & Puppies. The adjustable collars protect pets from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for 6 months.

SIX MONTHS, folks!


There are no greasy monthly applications, expensive trips to the vets or potentially-messy liquids necessary. You don’t even need a prescription! Each tin retails for $19.99 – 24.99 for a 2-collar pack. That’s an entire year of flea prevention for under $25 for one dog!


Each purchase comes with two adjustable collars for a full 12 months of protection. Which means you only have to purchase flea treatment once a year and only think about it twice a year.


Just put the collars on, adjust for size, trim the excess and then forget about it.


When it comes to taking care of our pets, proactive prevention of pests is important for their health, the health of whole family and last but certainly not least, our sanity.

Adams Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs #AdamsPetCare

In celebration of the new collar, Adams PetCare is conducting a contest where pet owners can win $1,000 in prizes by submitting their dog’s selfie. Top honors will go to entries that capture the pride a dog feels when pest-free. No purchase necessary. See website for details.

Visit for more detail and a money-saving coupon (available for a limited time). Then pick up Adams™ Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs & Puppies at WalMart or Just look for the new red circle tin and save a trip and the cost of a vet visit.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Adams™ Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs & Puppies.




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  1. Rosey says

    Fleas are a disaster when they make it inside. Seems they like people more than pets! Being proactive is def. a good move.

  2. says

    Looks like such an easy and convenient product to use. I have heard of people having to deal with fleas in their home and it is a total nightmare. Glad you found such an easy way to keep your pup free of fleas!

  3. says

    What a great way to keep those fleas and ticks down! We need to get this for sure the ticks are horrid this year out in the country and we need to protect them (and us) from ticks! Right now the fleas really haven’t shown up, but I am scared to death of ticks.

  4. Kim Croisant says

    It is definitely that time of year…and you just reminded me that I need to do this!! Pets are family!!

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