Kate Payne’s The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking

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As y’all may recall, I have been trying my hand at the domestic thing for a little over a year now. It hasn’t been as delightful as I had imagined…in fact, it’s hard as hell! There’s simply so much work involved in running a home and keeping it presentable and well, enjoyable.

I was offered a chance to review a copy of Kate Payne’s new book, the Hip Girl’s guide to Homemaking and I jumped at the opportunity! I’d like to think I’m pretty hip. I did once belong to the “hip mamma’s” social club, after all! The book is marketing as a guide to help create a comfy, cozy space on any budget, with an emphasis on cleaning, cooking and entertaining. Although I have managed to create a pretty lovely home over the past few years, I still feel that it’s not “finished” and I am always looking for new ways to spruce things up around the house. And as far as entertaining goes, well, I do love a good party!

First of all, the book is absolutely adorable! I love the color palette (or some reason, green and pink really tickle my fancy!) throughout the entire book. It’s pleasing on the eyes. This is something I would enjoy seeing sitting on my coffee table or bookshelf!

Kate Payne's The Hip Girl's guide to Homemaking


I read this book while on a 8 hour round-trip drive across the state. It was the perfect way to distract myself and to actually sit and read the entire book, from start to finish, without any interruptions!

There is really a wealth of useful information – I can’t even begin to tell you everything she fit in there! Kate goes over everything from clever ways to use clothespins around the house to where to look for cheap paint to repaint your bathroom. She went so far as to discuss gardening, composting, and even has a section where she instructs you on how to make your own cleaning solutions – formulas for every task from the bathroom to the kitchen to treating stains on clothing!

Kate is a organic-eating, cans-her-own-veggies type of gal, and there is a lot of tips on how to make the switch to organic and sustainable living interspersed throughout the book as well.

One thing I really liked about the book was how she included a little “hip tip” throughout the book in little tags at the edges of every few pages- they were cute and she made sure to put really helpful things in those little tags. She also lists her references and related suggested reading at the end of each chapter to assist readers in continuing on in the same subject.

I really enjoyed her writing style as well. This wasn’t just a to-do list of rules and tips about creating a homey space. She shares personal stories and her sense of humor, which was very endearing.

Go check out The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking!


*I received a copy of The Hip Girl’s guide to Homemaking in order to write this review. All opinions are my own.


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