Joy Tales Free Storybook iPad App

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I’ve discovered so many educational and entertaining free storybook iPad apps over the past few weeks that I really wish these devices were around when Angeline was little! I had such a hard time getting her to read, and I just know that if we had an iPad with access to all of these storybook apps, she would have enjoyed it much more!

Now that she’s in high school and taking honors English, she is going to have to read, whether she likes it or not. She’s asked for a Kindle so that she can take her “books” to school with her. I am considering just surprising her with an iPad for her birthday – it has a Kindle app in it!

Joy Tales is a beautifully illustrated free storybook iPad app with a collection of 12 original stories created to see children – aged 2 to 6 – through the small challenges of their early years with the right attitude and sense of humor!

You can try the first tale, Tab the white bat, absolutely for free. It’s a great way to get a taste of what Joy Tales has to offer your little ones.

Tab the white bat chronicles a little white bat who is very different from the other bats in the castle. You can see where this is going, right? Tab is a lovely story for children that teaches them that being different is sometimes a good thing. In the story, Tab the white bat discovers that being different is a good thing, and the other bats in the castle agree!

Desdoo, the makers of Joy Tales, consider learning and having fun to be their keywords. You might be surprised to know that they actually use not only professionals in the field of apps design (illustrators, animation designers, etc…), but also a child neuropsychiatric doctor, a pediatrician and a journalist when creating their apps. Why? Because they want their storybooks to be balanced and complete; they want children to enjoy reading them but to also give a little more than just a story.

One of the things I really like about Joy Tales is their illustration. I love to see pretty artwork in a children’s book, and that is not something you always see in an iPad app. You can tell that Desdoo put a lot of effort into making sure that Joy Tales was illustrated well, in the style of a classic children’s storybook! The colors are so soft and pretty, and the characters are adorable!

Each one of the stories in Joy Tales includes interactive elements on every page of the virtual “book” and a there is a narrated option. Children can take part in the story right from the very first panel! There is also a unique self recording feature, which allows parents to record the narration with their own voice and then the children can play it back whenever they want to be read a story by their parents but their parents aren’t around.


I think this is a great feature for parents who travel frequently, as you can still read your child a story when you aren’t home! This is also great for when you leave your children with a babysitter while you go out for a date night – your children can still be read a story by you at bedtime! How cute is that!

The Joy Tales iPad app is currently only available for the iPad in Italian and English, but will soon be available in German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, too! Best of all? It is currently FREE!

Go check it out!


While this is a partnered post, all opinions are my own. 

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