Is it Time to Install Tile Flooring In Your Home?

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Do you tiptoe around replacing that old vinyl flooring in your home? The bathroom is a smaller job than the kitchen, so do you tackle it first? The carpet in your entryway is a dirt magnet, but is it worth restoring? Your best line of defense is to stop thinking about floor replacement as bulky rolls of vinyl and time on the clock.

Whether you do the job yourself or let professionals handle the work, there is a smart and attractive solution to the problem underfoot. Installing tile flooring in your home is a snap with modular flooring.

Tiling a floor used to be an expensive job and beyond the abilities of most weekend home remodelers. Traditional tiles were made of ceramic materials and required precision installation. Today’s tiles come in a variety of materials, fit any budget and are perfect for the DIY project.

As you can see, our family room tile desperately needs to be replaced!

Their design makes them simple to install and gives you room to be creative. Individual tiles have interlocking edges that guarantee a precision fit, and they are easy to trim into corners or around curves. Applying adhesive as you work gives you the luxury of taking your time, and you can work the project from any direction.

Easy installation and affordability are important, but so is your sense of style. Modular tiling is available in a wide range of finishes, colors and shapes. Bathrooms and kitchens are softer underfoot with the right tile, and a firm flooring turns the basement into a family-proof getaway.

You can checkerboard a kid’s room or use complimenting hues to frame the entryway. Specialty die cuts are available with centered frames that you fill in with a contrasting tile color of your choice. Indulge your imagination, and create the warmth of wood parquet or fashion the drama of a high-gloss ceramic floor.

Angeline’s bedroom flooring also needs the be redone! Her carpet has holes in it!

Modular tile can be a smart and attractive part of any floor plan. You can install it yourself or hire a professional without busting the budget. Modular flooring is easy to work with, and beautiful tile flooring gives you design options that cover much more than a rolled sheet of vinyl.

It’s durable enough to handle kids’ play, pet tracks and heavy traffic. It works around the fireplace, brightens the laundry room and even does outside duty around patios and pools.

Whether you’re updating the look of your home or building a new house, tile flooring fits your plans!


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