Imperfectly Perfect: Why I Won’t Apologize for my #MomFail Moments

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This blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and ABC #AmericanHousewife blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

Imperfectly Perfect: Why I Won’t Apologize for my #MomFail Moments

I think it’s well known that I live my life unapologetically. I make no excuses. I am who I am, and I’m perfectly okay with me. I love my daughter, but I am not the perfect mother. I loved my ex, but I definitely wasn’t the perfect wife. I fully believe there is no perfect. Maybe I believe in the imperfectly perfect?

This motherhood thing isn’t easy, and any day that my child was clean, fed, and alive as a young kid, I considered a win. And now that Angeline is older? Every day she is alive and well is STILL a big win for me.

There was a time when I was working 60 hours a week, running Angeline back and forth to Karate lessons, play dates, etc – you know, the typical working mom routine. Things can get SO hectic when you have a full schedule every day of the week, so it’s nearly impossible not to commit a MOM FAIL here and there (or, like, every day).

The ‘perfectly imperfect’ lead character Katie Otto from the new, fall comedy, American Housewife (premiering on October 11th (8:30 ET/7:30 CT) on ABC) reminds me a lot of me: strong, confident, unapologetic. Sure, she’s a mother of three while I only have one child, but she doesn’t fit the stereotype of the perfect mom either. In fact, Katie only lives in the cookie cutter community of Westport, Connecticut–with the pretty, perfect, petite robomoms–because of the great schools that can benefit one of her children who happens to have special needs.

One of my biggest epic mom fails was a time that I drove to work one morning, rushing around as usual to make it on time. When I pulled in the parking lot, I heard a familiar, if not confused voice:

“Mom, is it take your daughter to work day?”

ANGELINE WAS STILL IN THE CAR. I forgot to take her to school.

Yes. That really happened.

Imperfectly Perfect: Why I Won’t Apologize for my #MomFail Moments

Raising young kids is HARD WORK. And raising well-rounded teenagers? Don’t even get me started. I have always had one best friend with a child around Angeline’s age, and we’ve bonded over shared hysterical stories of times when we failed miserably at this parenting gig—and lived to tell about it.

I know not all my readers have teenage children yet, but GET READY. Because those years are coming, and no matter how hard you try, you are going to make mistakes as your little angels grow up into full-fledged young men and women (I know, just the thought is scary enough!). Let’s just say that it’s best to expect the unexpected (like that time Angeline’s boyfriend texted me to ask for her hand in marriage while I was on a Mediterranean cruise. YEAH. I KNOW. WHAT!?!?) and prepare for a ton of mom fails along the way.

Jenn and Angeline in NYC

Now that Angeline is older, I’d like to think my mom fail days are over, but I’m sure that’s way too optimistic. Regardless, Angeline is still clean, fed, and alive–and happy–so what’s a mom to do?

All moms have moments when they feel they, or their family, are flailing, while all the other moms and families seem to have it all together. So I can understand Katie Otto’s fears, especially during those FRG situations when I wonder if I measure up to seemingly “perfect” moms with perfect follow-the-rules-and-eat-all-your-veggies children.

In the end, I, like all mothers, want what’s best for my child, and I will stop at nothing to make sure my daughter is happy and healthy. Sometimes this means making mistakes–having a #MomFail moment–or embarrassing my daughter or myself, but I can’t apologize for that. I’m one tough mama, and if that’s what it takes to keep my daughter well and alive, so be it. And while Katie Otto has her mom fail moments like me, she’s also one tough mama, and nothing’s going to get in the way of making sure “one of her children fits in more, and the other two fit in less!”

What about you? How do you relate to Katie—and to me, too? Take this American Housewife Personality Quiz below to see how you relate:

AND, check out the American Housewife trailer below:

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There’s also an American Housewife Instagram Sweeps where we can share our Mom Fail photos for ANOTHER chance to win $500. Just upload your mom fail photo and use the hashtag #AmericanHousewife in your caption!

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