iMemories from The UPS Store turns memories into movies! #PreservingMemories #CBias

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When I found out about the iMemories service was available at The UPS Store, my heart leaped out of my chest! The possibility of transforming old VHS tapes into a watchable DVD? I was beyond excited.

Over the summer, my daughter went to visit her paternal grandparents, as she does every summer. Each time she sees her grandparents, they tend to give her something that belonged to her father…He passed away three years ago under extremely sad circumstances, and while it has become easier for my daughter (and his family) to come to terms with the loss, my daughter struggles with not having many solid memories of their times together – he died when she was only 10 years old.

I think that as she grows older and more mature, they trust her more to not damage or lose any of his possessions. This summer, they gave her a VHS. Her grandparents have a VCR, so she was able to watch it while she was with them, but when she came home and realized that we didn’t have a VCR, she was grief-stricken that she would not be able to watch it again.

The video is of her, as an infant, and her father. Her grandparents, unbeknownst to me, had been recording the first two years of her life, whenever she went to visit her father. Having a recording of her father opening her presents with her on her lap during her first Christmas – even though she was only 2 months old, that is something that means more to her than any old tee shirt or stuffed animal…

And you know what? It meant something to me as well. I never saw him be that loving, doting father that he was on that recording, because we never spent time together with her, except for on her birthdays. And let’s face it, I was throwing a birthday party – not exactly the setting for paying attention to my ex.

It was an incredibly easy process – in fact, it was so easy that when I paid for it at The UPS Store, I had to ask my sales associate, “That’s really it?”

The first thing I did was create my iMemories account online, which was free and quite easy. Once I did that, I simply printed out the shipping form and took it with me to my nearest The UPS Store – which is just about 2 miles away! Talk about convenient! Once I arrived at The UPS Store, I simply gave them my form, my VHS tape and told them which shipping method I preferred.

That was it. Seriously. They told me that my package would arrive at iMemories within a week, and that they would contact me when it was ready. You can read more about my experience at the UPS Store here.

Sure enough, about a week later, I received an email from a friendly associate the iMemories, notifying me that my video was available for me to view online. I could view it with my daughter and then tell them to create the DVD for me and I could either pay online or over the phone. Since I already had my sales associate on the line, I just took care of it then.

Now, I had the option to customize the DVD, but we decided to leave it as it was – my daughter wanted it to be as original as possible. We just received it back a few days ago – the day before I left for Trinidad. I couldn’t believe the footage my former in-laws got on film…even a 19 year old, camera shy me! My daughter is 14 now, and I don’t have any videos of her as a baby…well, I didn’t before iMemories came to the rescue!

Thank you, iMemories, for providing such a valuable service…to see my daughter’s sweet baby face again is so wonderful! But aside from that, for my daughter to be able to hear her father’s voice again, more than three years after his death?


I’ve told my mom all about iMemories, because she has old VHS tapes of family members that I know she would want preserved onto DVD. Honestly, I had such a fantastic experience with iMemories, I recommend it to anyone. It was also very affordable. The cost of the DVD was only $9.99, plus shipping. I chose regular shipping via UPS Ground, which brought my total to $15.98. I think that is an excellent price for an invaluable service!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my own!
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