I’m making the most of my summer reading list!

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I decided to mix in a little business reading into my summer reading list, in order to perhaps grow my blog, grow my business – yes, blogging can be a business – and see if it helps at all.


summer reading list

First up on my list was The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook by Rupert Scofield.

Scofield is the president of FINCA International, which is a nonprofit microfinancing institution with over 750,000 customers in 21 countries. He has been a social entrepreneur for 40 years and suffice it to say, he’s learned a little bit about business along the way!

In The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook, Scofield takes the reader through the process of starting up and running a business. He shares his personal success stories and advice on what one should and should not do – all from personal experience.

Scofield says, “you need only two things: an idea and a plan.” He actually makes it all seem pretty simple!

The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook illuminates the path to building a successful nonprofit from the ground up. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a realistic plan for getting started in your chosen cause
  • Assemble the perfect team for putting your plan into action—and keeping it rolling in the right direction
  • Develop a business model specifically designed to run a nonprofit organization
  • Keep yourself, your staff, and your cause in solid financial shape

I enjoyed the book, and gained a few valuable insights while reading through it. While I am not anywhere near ready to take on a business venture – aside from branding this blog – I will definitely keep this on my bookshelf for the future!

summer reading list

The second book I read was One Simple Idea by Stephen Key. He is the developer behind such products as Michael Jordan’s WallBall®, the Spinformation® rotating label, and HotPicks® guitar picks, and he knows a thing or two about making a living as an entrepreneur.

Key develops ideas for new products, licenses them out, collects royalty checks, and doesn’t look back. You can do it, too. All you need is One Simple Idea.

Well, dang, I have plenty of ideas. We all do, don’t we? A book like this is right up my alley…I’m all about trying new things and hoping to make money off of them!

In One Simple Idea, Key reveals all of the secrets that have helped him turn his ideas into an income by “renting” ideas to companies, which takes care of things like production, marketing, sales, distribution, and everything else that sometimes turns people away from trying to market their product ideas.

You would be surprised at how simple the process of licensing an idea for profit really is. In One Simple Idea, Key explains how you can:

  • Keep your ideas safe—without spending time and money on a patent
  • Be your own boss—without formally opening a business
  • See your product go to market—without footing a dime in expenses
  • Make potentially big money—without quitting your day job

Did you know that outside entrepreneurs that licensing is now a $500 billion industry? Key explains how businesses now rely on “freelancers” like us to provide creativity and marketable ideas.

Pick up a copy of either of these books if you want to learn more about starting a business and getting yourself out there!


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