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I was sick last week. Prior to that, I was busy. Like, insanely, barely able to catch my breath busy.

I don’t know what the hell happened to me…while enjoying Ladies Night at The Melting Pot with my gal pal, my stomach began to ache…I thought that I had somehow ingested shellfish blood or something, even though I had intentionally not eaten the shrimp on my plate. What began as me feeling a little icky quickly escalated into me shutting my car door and begging my stomach to hold down it’s contents until I was out of the restaurant parking lot. I made it to the safety of my own sink before lunch and dinner made a run for it, thankfully.

What followed was 48 hours of the worst intestinal illness I’ve ever experienced in my 32 years on this planet. I would only wish that on my worst – my very, very worst – enemy. The next day was slightly better. I was able to see straight. I didn’t have to crawl. I could hold down water, then a bit of Gatorade and eventually a few bites of soup (that my lovely husband brought back from Boston Market). The fourth day was spent sort of getting my bearings back in order…I stayed in bed. I drank a gallon of water, a sleeve of saltines, the rest of that awesome soup, 2 pitchers of Gatorade and a Popsicle. Day 5 was full steam ahead. I survived.

Prior to my detour into fluville,  I went to a cutesie Renaissance Fair with friends. It was, um, entertaining? I am one of those people that really enjoys people watching. Whatever, I know you do it too. But I also go for the shows and, hello, funnel cake, giant Turkey legs and frosted lemon juice. Well, I really only go for the food but the people watching and shows are a nice way to pass the time in between food courts.









I also did something sort of crazy…I packed my mom and two of my sisters into the SUV and drove down to Key West on Monday to meet my aunt and her boyfriend for lunch. And then I drove back home. Yes, you read correctly…I spent seven hours in the car to see my aunt for about two hours. It was worth it too. Not only did I get this silly picture, get to hug my aunt whom I only get to see every two years or so, but I got Key Lime Pie, frozen, dipped in chocolate, on a stick.









Also? In my illness induced stupor, I realized that one of my twitter friends was really, really an asshole and for the first time ever, I unfollowed. I felt guilty but ultimately, he didn’t even notice. Or, he hasn’t really noticed yet.

So, a lot happened during my sick leave from reality. I completely lost track of time and was contacted about my daughter going to visit family for Spring Break – what? Spring Break is T H I S week? As in, she is leaving in less than 48 hours? SHIT. Yeah, I had one of those moments. She ended up having to do her own laundry and pack for herself. Poor kid. I hope she remembered underwear.

I missed The Red Dress Club Prompts. Ones that I really wanted to write. Now, of course I know that I can still write them and post them but not link them up, but I don’t wanna.

So…what did I miss this week? Anyone grow a third arm I should know about?

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