If you blowup my Facebook with stupidity, I shall blog about it.

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Sometimes Facebook is a source of entertainment, simply for the games (Words with Friends anyone?), the witty banter back and forth, and the comical status updates.

Other times, Facebook sucks.

Sucks as in, you’re left staring at your iPhone in your hand, because you just can’t believe what someone commented on your status. You simply can’t believe what you are seeing, so you get out of bed and go to your laptop to look at your Facebook timeline on the monitor to make sure you are really seeing what you think you’re seeing.

What. The. Eff.

Now, I can get serious on Facebook, as many do. When my nephew took a nasty spill and was en route to the ER, I asked for prayers and good vibes. When my grandmother passed away in 2010, I posted about my sadness and missing my grandmother.

I think that those things are okay.

Hateful, angry rants? Not so much. 

So yesterday, when I saw an old friend (and ex-fiance) posting on his Facebook about the atrocities of eating meat (over and over and over again), I posted on my own Facebook status…

Obviously, this was meant as a general statement regarding vegetarians and my love of meaty goodness. I didn’t name names, I didn’t tag anyone…I actually thought it was pretty funny. So did the 15 people who “liked” my status.

Then I began receiving comments…mostly just friends agreeing, and a few stating that they were vegetarians, trying to eat less meat, trying not to think about where their meat comes from, etc. I am all for giving me your opinion, as long as you keep it respectful. This is MY Facebook profile I am talking about. It’s just common courtesy. My cousin commented about how much pain the animals go through before they die, and even that was okay.

He gave his opinion – in a polite manner. He wasn’t rude or nasty about it.


Then…WOW. The very person who prompted me to write that status saw it, and decided to make a very personal – and downright crazed – attack against us, you know, the selfish, horrible meat eaters.

I took a picture of his comment with my iphone and then deleted it. Douche.

Yeah, so that happened.

That person, by the way, was my best friend in high school and for a brief time, my fiance. We just became friends again a few years ago. Granted, we were MySpace and Facebook friends, but that still counts, right?

After he wrote that, he posted about 10 videos to my Facebook timeline about the atrocities being committed against animals…and when I went to un-friend him, I found that he had already done me the favor of un-friending me.

I am so glad I didn’t marry him. My 18 year old self may have been a hot mess, but I was smart enough to know that that crazy train was bound for disaster.



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  1. says

    One word. NUTJOB.

    No one should have to deal with that ick on their own Facebook page, I’m not surprised when flame wars happen on Twitter or on forums, but that is just rude on Facebook when friends and family are there. No spouting off in comments is going to change a person’s opinion on cuisine, especially when it’s been a way of life for THOUSANDS of years. And bringing religion into it is a whole other can of worms. Good riddance to the crazy person Jenn!

  2. says

    Also, FRIENDS reference…

    “The cows in the meadow go “Moo!” The cows in the meadow go “Moo!” Then the farmer hits him over the head and grinds him up and that’s how we get hamburgers… noooooowww, chickens!” -Phoebe

  3. Sara Stable Procaccini says

    I don’t even know what to say. Listen, I’m a meat eater and have respect for anyone who feels that meat is not for them for whatever reason. But please, please do not sit here and use the Bible…THE BIBLE!!!!! for crying out loud to make a point about MEAT! Sorry but I’m so sick and tired of people who start getting all “Godly” when it’s convenient…Seriously….I need to find God because I eat meat? I’m just gonna leave it at that because now I’m getting aggravated. LOL

  4. says

    Wow! Really? Religious claims to protect creatures? Give me a break. If we’re gonna follow down that (crazy) path of thinking … wasn’t there something in the Bible about animals being put here to FEED people? I’m pretty sure I read that in there. But anyways, more vegetarians = better cuts of steak to find in the grocery store for us. :)

  5. says

    I guess your “friend” only read the parts of the Bible that suited him. Although I think he must have skipped the whole dang thing. The Bible is clear that animals were created for the consumption of people and other animals. If a wolf kills a rabbit for it’s food, is it a murderer or is it sustaining it’s own life? We are OMNIVORES. God gave us the teeth not only to grind plants, but also to cut through MEAT. As a matter of fact, God clearly says in Leviticus that animals with split hooves and that chew the cud (cows are among them) are fit for our consumption. Sorry to be nuts, but sometimes that’s all the nutjobs understand.

    I need a steak. Thank GOD He created cows for just that purpose.

    • says

      I am not a religious person, but I was growing up. I know for a fact that there are bible versus that specifically talk about eating meat and blessing the meat before eating it…his logic is crazy. Knowing him personally, I can tell you that I doubt he has ever actually read the bible, and is just going off what someone told him. It doesn’t seem he’s changed much since 1996. LOL

  6. says

    I never can understand it when people go off like that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but why not keep it respectful! When I was a kid we would be sitting at the table eating when my dad would blurt out Hey, guess who you’re eating tonight!?”, I still eat cow, and lots of it!

  7. says

    Great post – I see people do this stuff and I honestly don’t know if I should be mad or just laugh at it. Forget ‘bringing God into it’ – the guy was off his rocker. The Bible is pro meat-eating. He wasn’t religious – just nuts.

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