I SUCK at being a foster kitten mama!

We’ve had little Mary Poppins for almost 3 weeks now…

And as much as I have told myself – and everyone else – that I do not want another cat, I have kind of fallen in love with the little furball.

My falling in love with Mary Poppins isn’t really that big of a deal, because I can get over the heartbreak of taking her back to the Humane Society pretty quick. There are five other furbabies in the house to take my mind off of it.

But my daughter? Well, she’s become pretty attached to the little gal and is already begging us to keep her.

Hubs and I are still standing strong that this is only temporary…but she already fits in so well with our family!

She is constantly trying to snuggle up to our cat Stripes – each time she does this, when Stripes wakes up and sees her there, he growls and then runs away. LOL It’s a good thing he’s declawed, or he’d tear little Mary Poppins up!

She loves playing with Bailey and Toby, our two Shelties. They chase each other around and she loves to paw at their tails! She also loves to snuggle up to them while they are sleeping. I’ts really cute!

Look, it’s CatDog!

Whatever we ultimately decide about Mary Poppins, this I know for sure – she is going to get along with dogs. She seems to prefer them over cats!

She is almost big enough to take back to the Humane Society to get spayed and be able to be adopted out…but for now, we are just going to enjoy having her around!


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    Love this, I am struggling with four baby barn cats our barn cat Barney had about five weeks ago. It is funny when my son brought his baby kitten home when he was in college our old cat of course wanted nothing to do with the over zealous play full cat. My son ended up asking us to keep Cally. Fast forward to the farm, Cally hisses at the little baby’s when we let them near her. I am working on finding them homes. If I could afford to get them all neutered I would, hubby says no.. Lets stand strong together!

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    I’d say keep her… I mean at this point what is one more… right?

    Mind you I am saying this while I have THREE foster kittens asleep at my feet… two of them have homes… that is, if I can let them go… lol

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