I Love It When I Pick Someone Easy for Secret Santa!

So this year, my husband and I both drew names in our Secret Santa gift exchange and we both drew women. For once I knew exactly what I was going to get for my Secret Santa recipient! I headed straight to EdenFantasys!

Don’t worry, I didn’t buy them any sex toys, although EdenFantasys has plenty of those in all shapes, sizes and price ranges! I’ll save those for when I need to buy gag gifts for my sister’s upcoming bachelorette party in February!

What I did order were some really cute and sweet beauty products, which every woman loves to receive during the holidays!

Since we had a $25 limit for each person, I was able to get this Winter Wonderland Lip Gloss Trio, which includes Vanilla frost: creamy pearl with opalescent shine, Pink icicle: sheer pink with diamond sparkle, and Gold glimmer: glistening nude with golden sheen. At just $24.99, it was the perfect price point and we all know how important it is to have pretty lip glosses around during the winter; we need to keep our lips moisturized just as much as we need them to look pretty!

If you don’t quite want to spend as much as I did, there is also this fantastic little Lip Lovely duo for only $16.99!

This Lip Lovely set comes with a 1 fl. oz. Sugar Kisses Lip Scrub and a 1 fl. oz. Bella’s Berry Balm or Rescue Me Lip Treatment, and delivers silky smooth lips in just two easy steps!

And of course, you always get a free gift when you order anything from EdenFantasys, but I kept that for myself!

Sexy Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!


  1. says

    I had no idea they sold cosmetics! I love me some lip gloss ;) btw – you’re tagged as the next car in the COMMENT TRAIN! Woot Woot! Thanks for playing along yesterday ;)

  2. says

    Um….be my secret santa….I love me some makeup!!!! And I’d take a sex toy lmfao — though that would be weird since we don’t know each other well but funny at the same time!

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