I admit it, I am an email addict!

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Thank you to Yahoo! Mail for sponsoring this post about staying connected. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

I’m a social butterfly, online and offline. I have my email set to push (download) every 15 minutes to my smartphone. I am in and out of my Yahoo! email constantly throughout the day and I really can’t imagine living my life any other way.

I have made many friends through the years who have moved away, or made friends while I was off traveling, and the easiest way to stay in touch with these friends has always been through email. It’s quick and easy, it’s free and it makes maintaining these friendships SO EASY.

I began my love affair with email in the late 90’s, when I bought my first computer. My first email address was at Yahoo! and although I may have set up different email addresses for various purposes over the years, Yahoo! has been my primary and most stable means of communication with my friends and family.

Speaking of family; I have over 30 cousins dispersed throughout the South that I communicate with through email! With a large family, it’s important to stay in touch and if I were to talk on the phone, my phone bill would be astronomical! With email, I simply shoot off a quick “how are you?” every once in a while or send them pictures of things my family is doing. It’s amazing to be able to see photos of my cousins’ children as they grow up – even though we only see each other once a year at our family reunion, I am able to cultivate and maintain relationships with my very large family as though they all live right down the street!

The first time I realized how important email had become to me was when my best friend, who is in the Marines, went off on his first 6 month ‘float’ – we talked almost every single day through email. During subsequent deployments to Iraq, we kept in touch through email and it was the only way I was able to make sure he was still okay. When I’d see his name in my inbox, I knew he was still alive.

Whenever I travel, or my husband travels, we rely on our Yahoo! mail and chat features to keep in touch throughout the day. It’s much cheaper than phone calls or text messages – hello, it’s FREE! While I was in Toronto the past week, we communicated almost entirely via our Yahoo! email, since I was able to walk the few blocks to the local coffee shop each day and check my emails with their free wifi. Phone calls and text messages were kept to an absolute minimum due to the international rates!

I just love email: the functionality, the convenience, the speed of delivery…it makes communication so easy!

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