How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

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There are no universal rules for writing a scholarship essay. If you look at those that have already won a prize, you will find out that they are not all the same. Each of them is unique with, however, several general points, like extracurricular activities and high grades. So the question is, what makes a scholarship paper winning? Let’s be honest, if you want the paper to be eye-catching, you need to make it absolutely exclusive and personalized. Another thing to consider is the style of writing, and this is where many people fail. You may be passionate and inspired, may have numerous significant achievements and broad knowledge in the particular field of study, but if you don’t have enough writing skills, your task becomes even more complicated. Luckily, for today, if you need help with writing an essay for a scholarship, you can always hire a professional writer able to create a thoughtful, well-written paper with unique insight into your past. However, if you want to do it yourself and become a winner, follow these simple tips as they can help you catch a judge’s eye!


  1. Choose a familiar theme

Like all other types of essay, a scholarship paper should be written on a particular topic or theme specified in its Introduction part. So choose the right one and follow it from the very first sentence.

  1. Carefully select language

Your scholarship essay should describe yourself in the most creative yet accurate way possible. So forget about monotonous phrases and different clichés – choose every word wisely to create an attractive picture of yourself. Ask people to read the first draft and strengthen it according to their feedback.

  1. Show that you are unique

Your paper will compete with lots of other papers so that it is crucial to explain what exactly makes you stand out. Even if you don’t consider yourself special, the judges should. So talk to your parents, friends, neighbors, tutors, and other people around you to get some ideas. This may help you realize what makes you unique.


  1. Always follow instructions

If you don’t want the admissions committee to reject your essay, show them that you can follow instructions. If it is requested to write no more than 500 words, do not exceed that limit. The same applies to other guidelines regarding the format of the scholarship essay.

  1. Show what you are capable of

Community work, sports, volunteer, leadership positions, extracurricular activities, clubs – talk about all the significant achievements in your life. However, do not exaggerate. Always be honest and include only factual things about yourself.

These simple tips can help you write an essay that attracts everyone’s attention. So adopt a positive mindset, choose words with precision, and demonstrate your skills. After all, the most important thing to remember is that you should believe in yourself. Only in such a case, your scholarship essay has chances to win.

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