How to Prepare for Having a New Driver’s Help When Traveling

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No one likes to be designated driver all of the time, but having help in the form of your newly qualified teen can be a little daunting. In this guide, Izzy from PassSmart takes a look at how to cope with having a new driver’s help when traveling, and provides some tips to keep you both cool, calm and collected when out on the road.

Go for a test run

Don’t let your trip be the first time you get in the car together with them as the driver. Seeing your child driving will take a bit of getting used to, so being a passenger with them beforehand will make things much easier.

Start off with a small journey, going, for example, to the store, and gradually make the drives longer. Once you’ve had a chance to see that they’re a capable driver, you’ll feel much more comfortable with the whole thing.

Make a timetable

Make a timetable of who will be driving and when before you set off. As a new driver, they may not have the confidence to tackle unknown, complicated routes just yet, so try to be understanding if you need to take a slightly bigger share.

Planning your route and devising a timetable beforehand will prevent any disagreements over who should be in the driving seat. You’ll both make sure you get an equal amount of resting time, and you can schedule in a pitstop for lunch!

It’s also worth thinking about using a GPS system, because, as we all know, there’s nothing more stressful than getting lost in the car with the family in tow!

Pick a playlist

If they’re into heavy metal and you’re into jazz, the chances are you’re going to disagree over the in-car music. There are a couple of ways to get around this, and both involve sharing!

You could create one playlist which has both of your choices on. Pick 10 songs each and alternate them so neither of you have to go too long enduring the other’s choices!

You could, of course, settle for the radio instead, as a happy middle ground. If choosing a station is going to be an issue, though, it’s probably best to go with option one!

Enjoy it!

It’s the simplest and most important tip of all: don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Try not to fret too much about getting in the car with a new driver and remember that they’re a perfectly capable driver. They wouldn’t have passed their driving test if they weren’t!

Take the time to catch up. We all know how tough it can be to find time to catch up with your kids as soon as they reach their teens. Use this as time to talk about the things you never have time to talk about at home!

Have a safe trip and a fantastic vacation!

This guest post was provided by Isabelle from the UK-based company, PassSmart helps learner drivers to find their perfect driving instructor.

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  1. Andi C. says

    I love having a driving teenager!! She is a really good driver, so I’m happy to sit back and enjoy the ride after 30 years of chauffeuring all my kids!

  2. says

    I honestly can’t wait until the boys are old enough to help me drive on long trips! I am always the one that has to do all the driving and it is so boring!

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