How This Travelin’ Gal Almost Missed Her First Conference!

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I travel a lot.

I used to think I was pretty much the expert on weekend traveling…

Until I missed my flight to #Brandcation last week.

Yup, I missed my flight!

How on earth did that happen?

Well…the thing is, I never check luggage. Ever. I am a light packer and am always able to fit everything into a carry on suitcase and my “personal item” – which is a tote bag almost as big as a my carry on! For this #Brandcation, I knew that I would be bringing back goodies from the companies that were sponsoring the event, so I was checking a full sized suitcase.

And…I may have not looked closely enough at my check-in on my AA app…I thought it said 10:50 boarding time, but that was actually the departure time. So when I arrived at the check in counter at 10:10, and my flight was set to board at 10:20, I was outta luck.

I missed the cut off for checking in baggage. My options were to a) leave my suitcase at the airport or b) take the next flight out.

I chose option B, because really, I couldn’t have gone an entire weekend without anything!

My mother had dropped me off at the airport, so I had to call her to come pick me up – so that I wouldn’t sit at the airport for 5 hours until the next flight. And then, as I was on my way back to the airport later that evening, I was checking to see what my seat number was…and there was no seat number on the ticket. I saw a big S and my mom told me…that big S? It meant I was on standby.

I’ve never flown standby. I had no idea what that meant…

After I arrived at the gate, the AA attendant told me that if there were any available seats, I would be put on the flight. If there wasn’t, well, then, I would have to wait.

For the next flight. 

Right about then, I almost had a nervous breakdown. I had to start texting the ladies that were awaiting my arrival to let them know what happened. I was humiliated.

I fly all. the. time. I have always considered myself the seasoned traveler, and to miss a flight? Utter humiliation.

Thankfully, there was one seat available on the later flight, and I ended up in Pensacola just about 5 hours later than anticipated. I did miss the meet and greet and 90% of the Blogger Olympics – a fun blogger triathalon sponsored by Jambu Footwear – but better late than never right?

Thank you to Brandy Goleman Photography for taking my photo!

So, what did I take away from this experience?

Well, for one, I am not perfect…I make stupid mistakes just like everyone else.

And two…now I remember why I hate checking baggage!


Big thanks to Jambu Footwear for sponsoring the #Brandcation Blogger Olympics. While I was only able to participate in the Hula Girl portion of the event, it was still a blast! And thank you to Brandy Goleman Photography for taking my photo!

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  1. says

    Well, I’m glad you made it eventually–that’s what matters! :) I missed an international flight once because I couldn’t find my passport. THAT was embarrassing!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness! If it makes you feel better, we almost missed a flight home last weekend. It was raining harder than I’ve ever seen in my life & my FIL almost pulled over several times to wait it out. I think the only reason we kept going is that if we missed the flight, we’d be stuck in NEBRASKA. Yuck.

  3. says

    Last month I almost missed my flight to Florida too! I got to the terminal right when it was boarding. My flight then went to Texas where our plane had a tire that had to be changed. I was one of the last bloggers to arrive, but like you said, better late than never.

  4. says

    Ugh…my husband is one of those people that would arrive to the airport 4 hours early if I’d let him. I won’t let him. I would get there about an hour early and I almost always check bags if I travel with the kids, but when my hubby is there, I compromise and get there 2 hours early. It’s such a drag because it takes all of 5 minutes to get through security, but I bring stuff to entertain us.

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