How I Tamed the Unruly Beast…My Curls!

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I have crazy, curly hair.

And Miami humidity? Let’s just say it’s not my best friend.

Yeah. Living in the tropics with a head full of curls isn’t exactly ideal.

After suffering with my curls up through my 20’s, I found the solution to the hot mess I call my curls…flat irons!

Since then, I’ve gone through almost a dozen trying to find the best hair iron. As my flat iron using followers very well know, flat irons tend to damage your hair with regular use. When I began hearing about tourmaline ceramic flat irons three or so years ago, I knew that I had to give them a shot! If you use a flat iron, I really hope it’s a tourmaline ceramic flat iron, because they make all the difference in the world! While the regular flat irons tend to scorch my hair, tourmaline flat irons actually seem to make hair appear healthier.

I have received so many compliments on my hair after I’ve straightened it using only a bit of besta hair oil and my favorite flat iron. The protection of the hair oil against the heat and the tourmaline ceramic really brings out the shine in my hair.

Do you use a tourmaline flat iron and hair oils with heat protectors? If not, what hair products do you use?

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    Personally, I love GHD. They’re the Ferrari of flat irons. Also, I’m not a fan of most the heat protectors out there. I mostly use natural oils since they don’t weigh down my hair, especially grape seed oil. :)

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    I have curly, thin hair, and on occasion I’ll use a tourmaline flat iron, too! I don’t use it more often because I think having thin hair makes it easier for heat damage…I never thought about putting in a hair oil product. For some reason I thought that might damage the hair more when used with the flat iron. Guess maybe I was wrong!

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    Ooooo — I need to look into some hair oils. I have a Chi straightener and CRAZY curly hair… and since having babies very THIN hair. I haven’t straightened it in quite awhile for the same reason as Maria. I need to see if adding the oil will help.

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    I, too, have beastly & unruly curly hair. It’s always been such a nightmare, but I started using Keratin about a year and a half ago. That combined with my flat iron keeps my hair stick straight and that’s the way it’s going to stay. People that have straight hair just don’t understand what having curls is really like.

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    I’ll have to bookmark this! When I lived in Miami, I gave up and made a weekly salon visit, because I could never get my hair right. Who needs grocery money? I have wavy, frizzy hair — and enough of it for ten people!

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    But I love your curls!! :) Mine just does the wave….and now that’s it’s in a bob, I HAVE to use my flat iron (a Chi) daily. I’m planning on growing it out long so I can have curls….even if I have to (gasp!) get a body wave or perm. I can’t believe I just typed the word perm. LMAO!

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