How do you tell your man that he needs new underwear?

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When I was presented with the opportunity to go shopping for the new MaLo underwear by Mario Lopez at Target for my husband last week, I knew better than to accept without asking my husband for his approval – not for buying him new underwear, but for blogging about buying him new underwear.

His response?

“Do I have to model them for your blog?” As you can see, he has quite the sense of humor. With his seal of approval on the project, I was off to Target to hunt down Mario Lopez’s new under garment line, MaLo.

I may or may not have thought to myself…will these underwear make my husband look any more like Mario Lopez? If so, I wouldn’t complain!

You can read about my shopping trip to Target for MaLo underwear by Mario Lopez in this Google+ story.

So here is how my #MaLoUnderwear shopping project went…

I went to my nearest Target and did a little shopping around, but they didn’t have the MaLo product line in stock yet. The next day, I went to a different Target – that’s one of the major advantages of living in a big city like Miami, we have no less than 7 Targets within a 30 mile radius – and managed to find them.

I was expecting just trunks, but the MaLo product line is much bigger than that!

There were v neck undershirts, tank top style undershirts, bikini style underwear and trunks. As tempted as I was to purchase the bikini style underwear…I knew that there was no way I was getting my husband in those.

He’s not exactly adventurous when it comes to things like…underwear. Or eating escargot. Or drinking wine.

He only wears Levis jeans. He only wears Nike sneakers.

You see where I’m going with this? He’s kind of stubborn.

I’m surprised he agreed to let me switch out his tired old boxer briefs for these new MaLo trunks!

I purchased the purple and black MaLo trunks and headed home to finally throw out his old boxer briefs. And when I say old, I mean OLD.

As in, they were giving him free air conditioning. They had more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese, people!

So there we have it, nice new skivvies in my husband’s drawer…and hopefully, I didn’t embarrass him too much with this post!

Oh, and are you wondering where Mario Lopez came up with the name MaLo for his new line? I found this on his Twitter account:


I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and MaLo #CBias #SocialFabric As always, all opinions are my own.

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      No, I just changed my font today and also shrank the body of the layout to create more space on each side of the blog. :) I’m working on redoing my header now because it’s cutting my face off! haha

  1. says

    When hubs needs new undies, I just go buy new, wash them and put them in his drawer. I slowly pull out the old ones. He isn’t too picky – as long as they are boxers, he will wear them!

    PS: I think the term “trunks” is weird! 😉 It makes me think of trees!

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