How Do You Get Cat Pee Out of Clothes

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This post is sponsored by OdorKlenz, but all opinions are my own, because I am constantly asking myself How Do You Get Cat Pee Out of Clothes?

It’s not news to any of my longtime readers that I am a total cat lady. And dog lady. And anything fluffy and cute lady…we’re currently at 3 cats and 2 dogs…oh wait! No, I almost forgot about Angeline’s new puppy, Kylie.

How Do you get cat pee out of clothes? OdorKlenz Liquid Laundry Additive

You see, the downside of being a cat lady is that your daughter also becomes a cat – or dog – lady, and often brings home new pets….without asking. Or, sometimes they DO ask, but you feel so bad because the puppy is too friggin’ adorable, and you say yes because GUYS!! That cute little face!!


So yes, Kylie may very well be becoming a part of our family – Angeline is fostering her right now as a trial run to see how she gets along with our dogs and cats.

Speaking of cats…


If you have cats, then I am sure you are well aware of the dreaded “What’s that smell?” game we sometimes play when a cat has been naughty and decided to forsake their litter box in favor of the bed, the bathtub, the couch, the corner of the room, or, as frequently happens in our home: THE LAUNDRY BASKET.  Which of course has led to me Googling many a time, How Do You Get Cat Pee Out of Clothes? Seriously, inquiring minds want to know, and I KNOW that I can’t be the only one!

OdorKlenz 5

Oh goodness, the stench! Living in Miami, the discovery of cat pee in the laundry basket doesn’t take much, thanks to super hot days and crazy amounts of humidity or rain.

How Do You Get Cat Pee Out of Clothes?

I recently began using OdorKlenz Laundry Additive with those loads of laundry that smell…um, not so fresh, and what a difference it has made! It uses a proprietary blend of naturally derived, safe, and effective elements in their designing of this liquid laundry additive to help you get rid of all sorts of stubborn odors, not just limited to pet smells – though we all know that cat urine is one of the toughest to get out of fabrics!

OdorKlenz 2

They use a patented formula is made entirely of natural ingredients so you will not expose your clothes to harsh chemicals, dyes, or perfumes. A cool thing about OdorKlenz Laundry Additive is that you can even throw a bit into a rinse cycle on those days when you leave the laundry in the washer machine for too long and it gets a little mildew-y!

OdorKlenz technology uses all natural earth minerals in our products, and is non-toxic, non-polluting, making their products extremely safe by top labs around the world. They utilize a diversified line of odor eliminating products, so whether it is personal air quality, household odors, or pet smells, they have you covered! OdorKlenz Laundry Additive is safe on cotton, delicates, nylon, polyester, spandex, washable lace, washable rayon, washable wool, and any other fabrics the manufacturer deems safe to put through a wash cycle.

OdorKlenz Laundry Additive

I have also found that a great way to keep the house smelling fresh and clean (aside from the rigorous cleaning that is required when you have 5 pets in the house) is to use a really good HVAC Filter and replacing it regularly. The OdorKlenz Odor Eliminating HVAC Filter is fantastic to this end, as it eliminates pollutants, odors and corrosive gasses associated with indoor air quality problems without releasing chemicals, fragrances, or masking agents back into the environment. The cartridges installs right into your system and treats the air as your system is running and begins to immediately improve indoor air quality the moment installed.

Right before I left for a 5 week trip, I received my HVAC Filter…and while Angeline did install it (you just slide it in), she didn’t change it for the entire duration of my absence. During which there was a hurricane, and almost two weeks without power.

I came home to this…


While yes, it was incredibly dirty, do you know what that means? IT DID ITS JOB! I have both this HVAC Filter in the AC unit as well as an air purifier in the living room, and sometimes I think that changing the filters in these two things on a regular basis is the only thing that keeps my home from stinking to high heaven!

So, if you find yourself asking  How Do You Get Cat Pee Out of Clothes after your kitties are naughty, I definitely recommend OdorKlenz, whether you have issues with pet smells in your home, or even other stinky issues! They offer a wide range of odor eliminating products, with everything from laundry additives to air filters to odor eliminating granules! Right now, you can save 15% on OdorKlenz products using the promotional code rebel15 when ordering here!

How Do You Get Cat Pee Out of Clothes

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