How are you influenced by Social Media?

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Influence has recently been a very hot topic in the blogosphere.

People – especially bloggers and brands – are taking their social media presence more seriously than ever before. As a blogger, I use social media to share new ideas with my followers; whether it be a new product I am reviewing, a new place I’ve traveled to, or a new concept that I want opinions on.

While I once only used my social media networks for fun, as I have evolved in the blogging world, I have taken my social media presence to new heights – and it has definitely made a difference in my role as a professional blogger! I love hearing from a follower or blog reader that they’ve tried a product I’ve recommended because they trust me!

As with many businesses, I look to my peers for guidance in the blogging world as well as in the social media world.

There are people who influence me, either with their blogs, their Facebook fan pages, their Google+ pages or even their Twitter streams. I learn about new products, new destinations and even new trends and technology simply by checking out the people who I think are influential in the social media world.

Take Kenda from Remaking June Cleaver as an example.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kenda in person on a trip to Jamaica last year, and she was every bit as awesome in person as her blog is online.

I adore Kenda’s blog Remaking June Cleaver because it is full of helpful tips on being a domestic goddess…sort of. Kenda covers recipes that make my mouth water, fashion that makes me want to go out and buy the items she talks about, and helpful advice on parenting.

And her design work? Amazing! I am always so impressed with Kenda’s blog design that I’ve hired Kenda to create a logo for both of my blogs! Kenda knows what she is talking about when it comes to tech, so when she writes about any new gadget, I pay close attention.

Another one of my personal influencers in the social media world is Anissa at Free Anissa. Anissa is my favorite Facebook friend – she delivers a steady stream of hilarity on a daily basis and if I don’t see any updates or jokes in my timeline, I always scroll down until I find her.

She’s totally worth scrolling for!

I love following Anissa not only because she makes me laugh, but because she inspires me. She reminds me to live life to the fullest each and every day.

Of course, it isn’t all about shopping, great design and jokes…

One of the people I am most fond of in the online world is Matt from Land Lopers. Matt is just your average guy – with a passion for travel that even exceeds my own!

I met Matt at TBEX earlier this summer and was instantly drawn to him because he is so friendly and it turns out – super knowledgeable about all things travel blogging-related.

I love reading Matt’s blog, Land Lopers, because he doesn’t just write about exotic destinations that I will never be able to afford to travel to. He writes about anywhere and everywhere, places that are attainable for me and my family. He shows his readers how to pack, what travel related products are worth the investment, and as a blogger, he gave me pointers on how to give destinations the most coverage possible.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogFrog. The opinions and text are all mine.

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