Has a Fabulous New Logo!

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new logo

Ya’ll know I love, one of the best reservation websites out there for travel addicts like myself! Over the years, I’ve often found the best price on lodging by using the website or their iPhone app while traveling – it’s a total lifesaver!

In fact, I just booked a room in Key West for next week, when we’ll be taking my in-laws down to Key West for the first time ever! The hotel I booked is normally $284 and I was able to book it at $199! That extra $85 I saved? It will go towards a round of mojitos for my husband, myself and my in-laws. Sweet!

As often as I’ve used, I never realized how big they actually were – I didn’t even know that they offered locations outside of the United States! I did a bit of researching the other day and found out that they actually work with over 20,000 hotel destinations worldwide. WOW!

Did you know that is changing their advertising? SMART, the brand’s animated spokesperson for the past few years, is evolving into an expert hotel concierge, offering tips on how to enjoy a perfect hotel experience. SMART will be moving away from Claymation and into computer generated imagery (CGI) and introducing new family and friends! How cool is that?

My favorite thing about their new advertising? The new logo! I just got a new logo myself! Check it out, it’s in my header. Goodbye to the rebellious, tattooed chicken, my new logo is a more accurate reflection of my blog; it’s all about fun in the South Florida sun and travel!’s new logo is colorful and bold and showcases the expertise in the travel and hotel industries. The new “H” logo represents the abundance of choices provides in destinations, hotel types, and price points. With offering so many resources to consumers like ever-changing hotel sales and deals, Welcome Rewards loyalty program, last-minute deals and mobile booking options, the new “H” logo, along with several complimentary sub-logos, will easily differentiate which sales fall under which categories, making online hotel room shopping even more seamless than before.

And the new tagline? Pure awesomeness, of course. Realizing how influential Facebook users are, conducted a Facebook poll with loyal consumers who positively vetted the new tag line: “Finding you the perfect place is all we do,” which conveys the consumer’s opinions and the experience of the brand.

With over three million guest reviews, more than 145,000 hotels to choose from and vast expertise on the website and social media channels, is sure to continue to provide hotel-focused information and service.

You can visit, call 1-800-2-hotels, use their mobile apps, or book with a friend through the Facebook app Hotels WithMe for hotel deals and seasonal sales! Check ’em out!


I was not compensated in any way for this post – I simply adore and all of the money they’ve saved me over the years!

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