“Hey mom, want to see my friend’s baby?” Says the teenage girl…

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Yeah, that happened.

This afternoon, while my daughter was working on an assignment on the sofa with me (I was not working on the assignment, I was playing with our foster kitten), she flips over to Facebook and then asks me, “Hey mom, do you want to see my friend’s baby?”

And I was like “WHAAAAAAT??” after I scraped my jaw off of the floor.

This is my artistic rendering of said baby

My daughter is 14, and she is in the eighth grade. These are not words I am ready to hear coming out of her mouth yet.

She turns her laptop around to show me her screen, and there it is: a young girl holding a cute little baby.

I scraped up every single bit of willpower I had in me and kept my mouth closed. She turned the computer back around and proceeded to tell me, “Well, she’s not really a friend-friend, I knew her when I was in 6th grade and she was in 8th grade. Now she’s in high school.”

And I somehow managed NOT TO SAY, “Well, thank god for that!”

What is it with teenage girls and unprotected sex?! With sex being such an open topic in this day and age, and with shows like Teen Mom on TV, kids KNOW what happens when you have sex without a condom.



I quickly did the math and figured out that the girl is now in the 10th grade, and her son is a year old…which means she probably got pregnant in the summer before 9th grade, or shortly afterwards.

And then I cried a little.

You know what I was doing the summer before the 9th grade?

Besides almost dying in Hurricane Andrew?

I was playing My Little Ponies with my little sisters and riding my bike around the neighborhood.

Why are our daughters in such a mad rush to grow up?

While my daughter is still pretty innocent – innocent, not naive; as in, she knows about those things but hasn’t done them – I worry that once she enters high school in the fall, she is going to be swept away in the wave of older teenagers and that really scares the crap out of me.

We all know what older teenagers are doing, don’t we? Yes, because even some of the younger teenagers are doing them…



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  1. says

    It breaks my heart girls are giving themselves away at such a young age (I was one of them) I hope and pray my kids wait until they find the one.

  2. says

    It is SO sad. :( Sometimes things happen though, kids make mistakes, they mess up and you can just move forward without looking back. Sometimes it isn’t even the girls choice. :/

    My heart just hurts for all of these poor kids. Whatever happened to being kids?? :(

  3. says

    while I trust Sabreena to make smart decisions I’m still scared everytime she leaves the house. Unfortunately friends and media can put so much pressure on kids these days it’s hard to go with your gut.

  4. aunt heidi says

    It’s really sad that so many teenagers and pre teens are having sex…unprotected at that. Go to the health unit (WIC office)…you can get as many free condoms as you want!!! Unfortunately babies aren’t the only live long effects from unprotected sex….STD’s are really out of control…plus the mental stress, especially with girls that goes with it…you know…he said he loves me crap….my kids know a girl that had a baby at 13…13?? are you flipping kidding me!?!?!?! Its a shame!

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