A Healthy Valentine’s Day Fondue Recipe

As a staple at many parties, fondue is a popular appetizer that’s notoriously bad for anyone counting calories, fat, and carbs. It’s no surprise that dipping cheese, bread, and other unhealthy items into melted cheese isn’t great for your health, but with a few adjustments you can serve a healthier fondue.

First of all, choose a low-fat, low-moisture cheese. Low-fat cheese sometimes doesn’t melt as well as its regular counterpart, but choosing a low-moisture version will ensure you still get gooey, melty results. Second, choose healthier dipping options than the traditional bread and cheese cubes. Vegetables such as carrots, colorful peppers, celery, cucumbers, and others are great for dipping. Experiment with various cheeses, as not all brands melt as well as others.

Healthy Valentine's Day Fondue Recipe

Healthy Valentine’s Day Fondue Recipe

3 cups low-fat or reduced-fat cheddar cheese, grated
1 cup low-fat or reduced-fat swiss cheese, grated
1/2 cup fat-free milk
1/4 cup white wine
assorted vegetables for dipping
Turn your slow cooker or fondue pot on low to begin warming it.
In a sauce pot over low heat on the stove, combine the cheeses, milk, and wine. Warm until melted and combined, stirring occasionally to prevent burning.
When the mixture is completely melted and combined, pour into into your slow cooker or fondue pot. Serve with assorted vegetables.
A Healthy Valentine's Day Fondue Recipe


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