Have you heard about Foodiacs.com?

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Every once in a while, I get an email that makes me giggle. I opened my email earlier in the week and found some in my inbox regarding “Foodiacs” and their Back to the Roots campaign.

Foodiacs? I immediately thought of the Animaniacs cartoon from my teenager years. I had to know more! I was way off, instead of a cartoon, it is a new online community for people who are passionate about food. Passionate about food? That’s me!

Foodiacs [foo-dee-aks]-noun Slang. Definition: Those who are overly zealous and enthusiastic about eating, cooking, and fine dining.

Foodiacs.com is an online community bringing the passionate eaters of the world together. They highlight a single food artisan or company at a time, telling the story behind the product, the company, and its creator. From each food artisan, they offer one exclusive item – available only for the Foodiacs community!  These items are only available for a limited time and at a limited quantity, and will vary each month, depending on the artisan. Foodiacs can expect things like gourmet goodies, high-quality kitchen gadgets and cookware, and elite culinary tours and classes!

From September 6th to the 20th, Foodiacs if offering a Back to the Roots grow-your-own box garden of pearl oyster mushrooms! How cool is that? The kit allows even the unskilled gardener to grow up to 1 1/2 pounds of gourmet oyster mushrooms in as little as 10 days. The mushrooms grew entirely on recycled coffee grounds. This product has allowed Back to the Roots to reuse nearly 1 million pounds of coffee grounds.

A little from the site:

“We recognize the quality and passion that goes into creating these artisan foods and want to bring lesser known but high quality items to the forefront of the food community in a unique way,” said Katie Clegg, chief eating officer of Foodiacs.com. “Foodiacs is about helping companies get recognition for innovation and outstanding ingenuity – but more importantly it’s about connecting consumers, who are Foodiacs like us, to gourmet food artisans, epicurean products, specialty kitchen equipment and, ultimately, new experiences they’ll love.”

I love it that they call their CEO their chief “eating” officer! So cute. Foodiacs has product offerings and events, set up all the way through March 2012. They launch every one to two weeks, always on Tuesdays at noon, and feature a different food-related products. Foodiacs says that in 2012, they will also connect “Foodiacs” with local food industry leaders for exclusive tastings, culinary tours and educational experiences. That sounds amazing!

Hurry over and check out their Back to the Roots offering, it’s only $40 and it only lasts until Tuesday, September 20th at noon! I’ve already requested mine, I hope it gets here soon!


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