Guest Post from Happily Blended: Teaching Children Independence

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This guest post was written by my dear friend, Brandy Tanner, from Happily Blended. Brandy writes daily about a variety of family friendly and work at home topics on her NH Mom blog.


When I first became a mom to a beautiful baby girl in 2002, I knew that I would guide this girl into being her own independent person. What I didn’t realize with my first born child is that I was teaching her chores from an early age, quite by accident really. You see, I was a single mom to my daughter from the time she was four months old until she was around three years of age, so doing chores together really was the only option without leaving her unattended. My first born baby loved it when I swooped the laundry over her face prior to folding them, she would giggle as I made the clothes create a quick moment of wind over her face. This was our mother daughter time in those days.

During our afternoons of folding laundry, I never once thought about the future effect this time together would have on my little girl as shew grew to be a young tween. You see, my first born baby and only daughter, spent the first three years of her life with just her Mama. Dishes and laundry were always done together, cooking in the kitchen, that was also done together. There was very little my daughter didn’t do right next to me, even if she was merely watching me complete the tasks. This mother daughter time was teaching my daughter how to do various chores and how to be an independent woman, without me even realizing it.

Now that my daughter is nine years old, I can see that the time we spent during those first three years of her life had a huge impact on her as an individual. My daughter is quick to take care of her clothes, happy to help take care of dishes and usually even happy to clean up the dining room area while I am washing the dishes. I personally believe that the simple act of having my daughter be next to me during household duties while she was young really increased her awareness of the need to be independent in life by taking care of your own clothes, toys and messes made inside of the family home.


Hop on over to Happily Blended and read more from Brandy – you will love her!

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    My daughter has always been like this as well! From a young age she would ask me for the dust rag so she could dust the furniture and always loved to run the sweeper or mop the floor. Now that she’s 11, the fun of it has gone out of it a bit but she still has times when she really enjoys helping me with the chores :) Working together is a great way to make them go faster!

  2. says

    My wife is a SAH mom, and we have two boys. The older boy, (11), hates doing any chores, and would just let his room and everything be a mess if he could. Our younger boy, (7), likes to help with cleaning chores, and takes pride in cleaning his room and helping dust and such around the house. I don’t know what we did different between them, but their attitude on chores is completely different.

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