Go #DarkforDinner and Reconnect With Your Family

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dixie. All opinions are 100% mine.

Disposable tableware is a wonderful thing. It allows you to quickly and easily clean up after meals, whether it’s for a holiday get together or Monday night dinner. It’s even recyclable! You may not know this, but Dixie is the disposable tableware expert! For over 90 years, the Dixie company has been helping make life easier for families across America – like mine!


Life’s Easier with Dixie Disposable Tableware

Dixie is a name that’s been known and trusted for over 90 years. 90 years! In that time, Dixie has continued to bring us new and innovative disposable tableware products to make our lives easier. They have a complete line of paper and plastic products including plates, bowls, cups, cup dispensers, serving platters, and dining utensils. They’re all recyclable, so we can feel good about saving ourselves some precious time after dinners or get togethers. We save time, and we help save the environment. Everybody wins! With Dixie disposable tableware products, we can spend more time with our families and less time doing cleanup…because really, who likes to clean up?

Speaking of spending more time with our families, Dixie wants US to go dark for dinner. On Sunday, June 14, Dixie is launching their #DarkForDinner campaign, which focuses on the importance of family time around the dinner table. How many times have your kids – or you, for that matter – checked an alert on your phone in the middle of dinner. I know I’ve been guilty of it more than once…try ALL OF THE TIME! That’s why Dixie wants us to put away our electronic devices and focus on our families for at least one night.


#DarkforDinner with Dixie Disposable Tableware

This Sunday, I’ll be bringing out my Dixie disposable tableware and putting away my cell phone, laptop and tablet and so will Angeline! We’ve made the pledge to go #DarkForDinner, and I’m excited about it! Now that Angeline is almost 18 and has her own car, she’s on the go all the time, and it can feel like we’re two ships passing in the night. Having a nice sit down dinner without electronics and using disposable tableware means more time for us to connect without distractions and without cleanup. We have so much going on in our lives right now that it’s more important than ever for us to sit down and concentrate on each other and really talk. No emails, no texting, no Instagram or Snapchat: just us talking about our lives and what really matters…family. 


I think that this campaign from Dixie is exciting, don’t you? Although my daughter and I will always be close, this world of electronic communication and mile-a-minute mindset sometimes make me feel like we’re not as close as we could be. By putting away the electronics and making cleanup a snap with Dixie disposable tableware, my daughter and I will have some much needed reconnection time.

How are you going to go #DarkForDinner? I’d love to hear about your family dinner plans. Will you be using Dixie disposable tableware to make cleanup easier and make more time for family connection? 

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  1. says

    I think we should all go dark for dinner whenever we can. Dinner time is all about family, which I remind my son of every time he tries to sneak his phone to the table. 😉

  2. Catherine S says

    This is such a wonderful campaign. We leave our phones in the other room and turn off the TV during dinner time. It seems like the only time I can get my son to sit down and talk.

  3. says

    I remember how annoyed my parents would get the phone would ring during dinnertime. It’s so different now that everyone is constantly connected. I love the idea of going dark for a set period of time to reconnect.

  4. says

    Electronics are not allowed at our dinner table, unless of course it’s movie night and in that case it’s just the television and movie player. I think this is a great idea! :)

  5. says

    I love the idea of this campaign. We eat dinner as a family five to six nights a week and really enjoy it, but we love watching Jeopardy together while we eat.

  6. says

    We turn everything off every single night for dinner. It’s so important to me to make sure everyone connects, especially during dinner. It works great!

  7. says

    I am all about this! Before my recently failed relationship, my rule was we sat to eat dinner together and had conversation. My ex husband and I were very big on this with our kids, then I dated this guy who was the opposite and I fell into his ways and I miss my dinners together with my kids. I move next week and will def be establishing this again. I already do not allow phones at the table, no reason to be detached. I am all about family bonding and sadly the last two years plus I lost it….because I wanted to try to blend this family that wasn’t meant to be blended together.

  8. says

    It is super sad this has to be made ‘a thing’ and a thing with a hashtag no less! When I grew up we went ‘dark for dinner’ every night, it was just called basic respect back then! You knew better than to even call your friends during dinner and vice versa! LOL :-)

  9. says

    i am not gonna lie i grew up in the era where there werent cell phones as mini computers to distract us during dinner…but we did have a TV. When I have children I want to make it a regular thing to have no electronics at the table and limited tv.

  10. Natalie Z says

    Working in social media means I am always connected. I have been trying to disconnect during family time to teach my kids the same

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