Giving Goodies To My Mailman #MurphyUSA #CBias

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Like many shopaholics or bloggers who do reviews, I anxiously await the arrival of my mailman each day.

Whereas I used to loath the sound of his little truck pulling up to my mailbox each morning because I knew that there were bills waiting for me…now every day is full of potential fun! Sometimes there are thank you cards from readers who have won contests on my blog, sometimes there are packages from PR reps containing items for me to review, and sometimes there are gift cards that I’ve won from Twitter parties!

I used to have a love-hate relationship with my mailman. I loved getting my mail, but I didn’t particularly like the way it was being delivered. My mailman always left my mailbox open…even in the rain. Actually, it seemed like he left it open especially in the rain.

Then all of a sudden, a few months ago, we got a new mailman. At first I was upset because we used to get our mail around 11:30 am…and this new mailman has a different route so don’t get our mail until around 5 pm – sometimes as late as 6:30 pm!! That’s right, it’s often dark by the time our mailman arrives at our house. Sometimes we are eating dinner, sometimes we aren’t even home when he comes!

But this new mailman does something that our old mailman never did.

Whenever I receive a package outside of the normal envelope size, he brings the mail to my door. Even in the rain! Especially in the rain! I told him once that he could leave it in the box and do you know what he told me? That he didn’t want my packages to get stolen.

How sweet and considerate is that? I love my new mailman!

Because I appreciate my mailman so much, I went shipping this weekend at Murphy USA for some snacks for him – just something to brighten his evening after a long day of delivering mail. Our mailman does so much for us every day, and his job is one that doesn’t normally garner a lot of gratitude and thank yous!

You can read my Google+ story about my shopping trip here. After I went to Murphy USA, I went to the Walmart Supercenter located next door and purchased a few grocery items and I needed and this cute Santa Clause gift bag. It had a nice sturdy bottom, perfect for holding the snacks I had purchased!

Now, since my mailman works a pretty late shift, I decided to get him some snacks that would tide him over until his shift was over and he was able to go home and have dinner. I wanted something a little more substantial than a candy bar and a soda…so I made a little Christmas gift bag full of goodies!

The first thing I purchased was M&M’s (peanut and regular varieties) because there were on sale two for $1 at Murphy USA. That’s one of the things I most like about Murphy USA, they always have a sale on snacks and sodas! M&M’s are a pretty universal candy, I think everyone loves them! I bought peanut and regular, just in case he has peanut allergies.

I wasn’t quite sure what to get my mailman as a drink, because I remembered seeing him drinking a root beer once but I know that after being out in the sun all day, he might prefer a bottled water or Powerade…I finally decided to get him a A&W diet Root Beer because I’d seen him drinking this specific brand before, and it was on sale, two for $2.22 – I got one for him and one for me!

I also grabbed some mini Oreo Cookies, Nutter Butters and Beef Jerky – I made sure that there was enough of a selection that my mailman is sure to find something that he likes in his goody bag!

My Murphy USA gas station also has the cheapest gas in Miami, so after I purchased the snacks for my mailman, I gassed up – at $3.28 a gallon!

You can stay up to date on all of the great deals on snacks at your local Murphy USA stores by becoming a fan on Facebook or following Murphy USA on Twitter!


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All 0pinions are my own! #CBias 

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