Get Prepared for Girl Talk: I’m a #KotexMom Ambassador!

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Warning: If you’re a dude, you will most likely want to skip over this post. Unless you’re a single dad to a girl…then suck it up and educate yourself, your daughter will thank you for it!

Pregnant moms are always wishing for a precious baby girl…the dressing up, the girly time, the hairstyles, the afternoons in the salon…

And then our daughters hit puberty and we are so envious of our friends that only have sons.

Dealing with teen and tween girls as they begin to enter puberty can be really, really tough – especially since girls can begin puberty and menstruation as early as eight years old.

That’s right, I said EIGHT YEARS OLD.

I can vouch for this first hand because one of my sisters began when she was eight. It was a very difficult time for her and for my mother, who was not expecting it to happen so early and was completely unprepared.

When my own daughter began showing signs of entering puberty around that same age, I recognized what was happening. We had the “period talk” and while it freaked my daughter out to think about the changes she would be facing and what it would be like to have to deal with her cycle so soon in life, the conversation had to happen!

I’ve been chosen as an ambassador in the #KotexMom program, and I am so happy to be able to participate in this wonderful program. So many of us moms don’t realize the signs when our daughters are about to begin their first cycle, and haven’t even thought of having “the talk” with them yet! It can be such a sensitive subject and we are often at a loss as how to approach it without making our girls run screaming from us.

Through the #KotexMom program, I hope to help bring more awareness to this sensitive subject so that other moms can be more prepared and help their girls during this trying and confusing time!

There is a wealth of information for tweens and teens on the Kotex website,  with everything from information about the awesome U by Kotex product line – a very cool line of feminine hygeine products designed especially for teens and tweens – to helpful tips on how to approach the subject with your daughter and information for them to read as well!

While we’ve always loved the Kotex brand because for a teenage girl, reliable feminine hygiene products are so important – we all know that it is every girl’s worst nightmare to have “an accident” in school during that time of the month. Thanks to Kotex, my daughter can go to school without worrying all day about a potentially embarrassing situation!

The entire U by Kotex product line is made with teens and tweens in mind and we couldn’t be happier about them! I can’t believe that no one has thought about this before! They are perfect for younger girls – even the packaging is cute!

The U by Kotex website that can be helpful for tweens and teens is called Hello Period, how cute is that?

I highly recommend that you check out the Aimee Teegarden “Gets”Real” video by Kotex & Nickelodeon Parents Connect that launched this month! While I have an open line of conversation with my daughter, I know that it’s not always that easy. This video can help!

I’ll be checking in monthly with more information about U by Kotex and my #KotexMom ambassadorship over the next six months. Check back for helpful tips on how to talk to your daughters and make this time easier for everyone involved!


I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. says

    I can’t even begin to imagine having the period talk at EIGHT. I was 11 when I got my period and very mature but even that seems young depending on the child. Girls are maturing so fast these days and it’s scary!


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