Get the Best Wireless Unlimited Plans with Walmart Family Mobile!

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Remember when I was telling you guys about signing up for Walmart Family Mobile’s Unlimited Plans in this blog post? Well, it’s been over a month now and I have to say, I am pretty happy not only with my Concord smart phone, but Walmart Family Mobile’s best wireless plan itself!

T o recap how this began: I went to Walmart to buy a cheap wireless plan through Walmart Family Mobile, and bought a Concord smart phone. While Walmart Family Mobile offered an unlimited call and text plan for just $29.88 a month as their lowest price rate plan, I opted for the $39.88 plan that included unlimited web too. A blogger can’t go without her web access, ya know!

#familymobilesaves #shop #cbias best wireless miami cheap wireless plan

After spending a ton of money this summer, I knew that we had to find ways to pare down our expenses. You might recall from my previous post that we were spending close to $300 a month on our phone bill – three people with smartphones and unlimited texting and data really adds up. I love the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plans, I mean, you really can’t beat $39.88 a month!

You can even save an additional $5.00 per phone line when adding family members! This is really a great option for your younger children who are going to be getting their first cell phone. I think it’s also a fantastic idea for kids who are heading off to college, as having a set rate unlimited plan will make their budgeting so much easier.

#familymobilesaves #shop #cbias best wireless miami cheap wireless plan

I live in Miami, where we have a full covered service area for Walmart Family Mobile. I didn’t have any issues with dropped calls and I had 3G network 100% of the time. There really was no difference between my service with the Concord and my other phone carrier.

I was feeling so good about saving money with my cheap wireless plan that when I took a trip to Austin, Texas to visit my friend, I splurged on a toobing adventure on the Guadalupe River. Ha! What did you expect me to do with all of my saved money? Of course it went to travel!

#familymobilesaves #shop #cbias best wireless miami cheap wireless plan

I’d love to switch us all over once our current contracts run out. We would still be able to have smartphones (even the iPhone 5!) and we would only pay about $120 a month for all three of us combined. That’s less than half of what we are currently paying!

$120 a month for 12 months…that’s a savings of about $1500 a year! I can think of so many different ways to spend that money – or to save it away for an emergency, if I’m being practical.

One of the things I liked most about the Walmart Family Mobile cheap wireless plan is that I am still able to review my account online and set up automatic payment through the Walmart Family Mobile Online account management system.

#familymobilesaves #shop #cbias best wireless miami cheap wireless plan

While there are lots of options for regular and smartphones through the Walmart Family Mobile plan, I opted for the Concord. It is a pretty cool smartphone that has access to the Droid apps through Google Play, but it’s really simple to use. And hello, 3G? I am so glad that it’s a part of this network, because I really couldn’t give my speed up!

There are six different options on the home screen: Camera, Messages (texting), Email and Calendar, below that, Calls and Web. Then there’s the little Droid guy, which is a super easy way to get into your apps if you use any!

There’s even a two megapixel camera, and while it’s not what I am used to using with my current phone, it’s not bad considering that I only paid $79 for the Concord. Of course the more expensive models have more advanced cameras in them.

#familymobilesaves #shop #cbias best wireless miami cheap wireless plan

I let my mom borrow it to play with, and while she had a bit of trouble using the touch screen (she’s never had a touch screen before), she liked being able to surf the internet and Google things when she was out of the house. I foresee her getting one of her own very soon! My dad even had a go at it, because he’s also still using an archaic flip phone without web access.

Honestly, I don’t know how those people survive. ha! I think that the Walmart Family Mobile cheap wireless service would actually be pretty great for people like my folks, who are just getting started with smart phones and texting – why lock yourself into a contract with one of the other carriers when you can do it the right way from the beginning?

You can find out more about Walmart Family Mobile and their Unlimited Plans at Go check it out!

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  1. says

    I’m thinking about switching once my contract is up. But I’m telling my friends with teens about this, because it’s perfect for a family of mobile users!

  2. midori s says

    We switched to family mobile a few months back. It is cheap, cheaper than any plans/carriers I’ve ever been on. However, their network is 3G, and the included cap is only 1GB between both of us (sharing 1GB with 2 lines) and if we don’t always use Wi-Fi whenever possible, 1GB is gone in a week. After that, they reduce the speed to 2G which on a smart phone, is like watching a snail crossing the street. There are options to avoid that from happening but I personally would want to pay more for 4G network. That is available with only $10 more/mo. or so with another carrier.

  3. says

    The money I would save in a year by switching to Walmart’s plan would be enough to remodel one of my bathrooms! I am ready to make the swtich. #client

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