Gather Your Girls & Get DARKER for Fifty Shades Darker! #FiftyShadesDarker

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On February 10th, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson return as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades Darker, the second chapter of the 50 Shades trilogy – just in time for Valentine’s Day! This year I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day as a single woman, but that doesn’t mean that I plan on celebrating alone. Let’s get real for a minute, shall we? It’s been almost two years since my ex husband and I split up, but I’ve never been less alone in my life. I think that you never realize how amazing your girlfriends really are until you’re without a man and find yourself constantly surrounded by love and light from your the incredible women in your life – like my great friend, Bri, whom I’ve spent so much time with the last year!

Gather Your Girls & Get DARKER for Fifty Shades Darker on Feb 10th! #50ShadesDarker

What better way to celebrate Galentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day -whatever you want to call it – than to invite over a few close girlfriends for a masquerade party inspired by the newest film!

Book night

Throwing the party was simple. Of course it wouldn’t be a masquerade party without cute masks for the guest. A few balloons and ribbons are necessary but the best part of my party was the goodie bags.


They were complete with T-shirts, lip balm, vanity bags and, of course, the 50 Shades Darker book so guests can catch up on their reading before the movie is released!

Oh, and that wine? Bri and I drank the entire bottle that night, and it was DELICIOUS.


I haven’t read 50 Shades Darker yet, so I was happy to have a copy for myself…I think I really need to be prepared for what I am walking into when I go see it in theaters this weekend!


Tip: When hosting a party, set up a selfie station so guests can show off their mask! Simply hang a sparkly backdrop and let them Snap, Tweet and Instagram the night away!

fifty shades darker party masks

Angeline even got in on the fun – don’t worry, she’s 19 and is old enough to go see the movie.

angeline at fifty shades darker party

If you want a little extra fun with your Fifty Shades Darker Party, try this super easy Strawberry Bellini recipe – when I say “super easy,” I really mean SUPER EASY! You just need a bottle of Champagne, Prosecco or Cava, and pureed strawberries! I made these drinks because what’s sexier than Champagne and strawberries? They are both aphrodisiacs!

fifty shades darker bellini

I used about 4 strawberries per glass, puree them in a blender or food processor, then add to your glasses and top with Prosecco!


fifty shades darker party

As a refresher, in 50 Shades Darker, as a wounded Christian Grey tries to entice a cautious Ana Steele back into his life, she demands a new arrangement before she will give him another chance. While the two begin to build trust and find stability, shadowy figures from Christian’s past start to circle the couple, determined to destroy their hopes for a future together. Dun…Dun..Dun! No spoilers if you have read the 3rd book!

Returning from Fifty Shades of Grey are Academy Award® winner Marcia Gay Harden, Jennifer Ehle, Victor Rasuk, Luke Grimes, Rita Ora, Eloise Mumford and Max Martini, who are joined for the first time by Oscar® winner Kim Basinger, Bella Heathcote and Eric Johnson.

You can catch the movie in theaters February 10th and get #FiftyShadesDarker tickets on Fandango now:


FIFTY SHADES DARKER – In Theaters February 10, 2017

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Watch the Trailer |#FiftyShadesDarker

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  1. Mary Edwards says

    Wowza it looks like you had a great time partying with your girlfriends. I can’t wait to see the movie. The first one was awesome!

  2. My Teen Guide says

    Woah.. my group of friends are planning to watch this together! it looks like it is more fun to watch with friends~

  3. says

    I didn’t get into the first book or remember watching the movie. I will have to watch it now so that I can watch the new movie when it comes out.

    It sounds like you ladies had a blast.

  4. says

    Believe it or not, I have never read or watched any of the movies. However, this sounds like a fun way to spend time with girlfriends on Galentine’s Day, nonetheless!

  5. says

    I would love to go to a girls night out (well, get together) like this… sounds like a lot of fun! I have yet to see the movies or read the books, but I want to : )

  6. says

    I love the cocktails you have created for this party! They look so refreshing, and what a fun way to get together with the gals! Hope you enjoy the new movie!

  7. michele d says

    This party sounds awesome! What a way to gather friends together to enjoy a movie, book, and drinks. Love this idea!

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