Fun Yorkie Games

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Your Yorkshire Terrier is one of the cutest breeds of dog and there are reputable places where you can find a Yorkie in Ohio. These dogs are extremely smart and very active. You can help to direct their high energy into positive activities. Following are some way for you to keep your Yorkie active and engaged.

Treasure hunt

One of your Yorkie’s toys can be the treasure that is hunted in this game. Begin by getting a favorite toy, show it to your Yorkie and allow a few seconds of play with the toy. Next, take the toy, put it behind your back and ask your Yorkie, “Where’s your toy?” He will try to retrieve the toy from behind you. Once you see that your Yorkie is interested in finding his treasure, go in another room, hide the toy, bring your Yorkie into the room and ask again, “Where’s your toy?” The first few times you hide the toy you should make it easy for your Yorkie to find it. As the game progresses, the hiding places can become increasingly challenging.

The treasure hunt helps your Yorkie’s mental agility by learning how to search and find.

Obstacle course

Your high energy Yorkie will thoroughly enjoy the fun of learning to navigate an obstacle course that you create in your home or your yard. Place some objects throughout a small space that require your Yorkie to find his way through in order to reach a treat or a favorite toy. You can also create some obstacles that will allow your Yorkie to jump through hoops or jump over some low level obstacles. When creating jumping obstacles remember that your Yorkie is small and delicate. The obstacles should not be too high.

The obstacle course will create an opportunity for your Yorkie to burn off a lot of energy that will help to keep muscles firm. It also helps with metabolism and heart health by providing the cardio exercise that your Yorkie requires.


Remember playing hide-and-seek with your friends? You can do the same with your Yorkie. If your Yorkie is trained to sit and stay on command then, execute those commands and leave the room. Hide somewhere nearby the first few times that you play this game and then, call out, “Come!” Your Yorkie will begin to try to find you. Once your Yorkie successfully finds you present a reward for the success. You can continue the game by hiding farther and farther away.


The hide-and-seek game not only gives your Yorkie the opportunity to run off some energy, but it is a great way to train your Yorkie to understand the “Come” command.

Variations on this game can include the use of two people if your Yorkie is not trained to sit and stay. One person can remain in the room with your Yorkie while you hide. Another variation can include a treat trail. If your Yorkie is having trouble finding you at times, leave a trail of treats to follow. You don’t have to leave a lot of treats. Two or three small training treats or bits of kibble will work well enough to assist your Yorkie in finding you.

Treat toy

One final game you can play with your Yorkie is not quite a game but is still a way for your Yorkie to burn off some energy and learn at the same time. You can purchase a toy that dispenses treats. You place the treats inside the toy and as your Yorkie plays, the treats fall out of the toy. It is a wonderful surprise for your Yorkie! You have the chance to just sit and supervise as your Yorkie spends some quality time learning to play alone.

These are some great games that you can play with your Yorkie that are fun and physically stimulating and educational. You will enjoy the time that you are able to bond with your Yorkie and your Yorkie will be a much happier and well-mannered dog.

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