Fun GoSum Number Crunching Game for Your iPhone and iPads!

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It’s back to school time and we all know what that means.


When I was a kid, I had issues with math in school (I still do, which makes the fact that I worked in bookkeeping, HR and payroll for 7 years really strange) and heavily relied on things like flashcards to improve my math skills.

Just kidding, I didn’t have any math skills. I was really, really bad at every level of math. The calculator was my best friend!

My daughter? She is not gifted in mathematics, but she does much better than I did when I was in school. She actually makes it into advanced classes!

Part of the reason she has an easier time is due to the technology she’s had since she was little – all of these electronic learning games really do make a huge difference between the generations!

Take GoSum as an example, a newly available number-crunching app for iOS 4.2.

GoSum was first developed as a board game in the 1990’s to help teach math to children. Over the years, various board styles were developed to introduce an element of fun and competition – and the app began development in 2010.

Created by Aaptk Ltd. GoSum is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and is loads of fun! I haven’t found another app out there quite like GoSum – it is a mathematical game that you can play with your friends and is set up like a multi-player word game…so you know it gets competitive! I think that is my favorite part of multi-player games is that I can play against my husband, my daughter – and all of my friends on Facebook!

I love that GoSum allows you to invite your Facebook friends, but you can also enter in your friends and family’s usernames or just play random opponents!

Fun GoSum Number Crunching Game

Playing is very simple to understand, so while it is lots of fun for adults, it is also simple enough for children to play!

  • Place your tiles either vertically or horizontally across the centre Green start square
  • Interlink your tiles using any of the existing numbers or symbols, as in a crossword
  • Using more than 1 symbol enables higher scores to be reached
  • Using bonus squares, higher scores can be achieved
Fun GoSum Number Crunching Game

GoSum for the iPhone is available for download on the iTunes App Store for $0.99, and there is also a free version. Because I was asked to review the app, I went ahead and purchased the full, paid version, so my experience may be a little different than yours if you download the free version.

So, what do I think? I LIKE IT! Yes, the math is easy (my first play was 2+6=8 ha ha ha) but it’s fun and I am getting my daughter to play with me because she just loves to beat mom – I am sure you guys know how that goes!

So, we’re having fun together and there is the added benefit of getting her mind working again right before school begins next week.

It’s really win-win!

Go check out GoSum or GoSum free, and invite me to a game, I’m therebelchick!


While I was compensated for this review, all opinions are my own!

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