Foster Kitten Momma FAIL

So, as most of my Twitter followers know – because I am totally blowing up my feed with photos of her – I am fostering a kitten for the Humane Society of Miami.

We’ve had Mary Poppins for a week so far, and I am pretty much breaking every single rule that I set for myself when I decided to begin doing this…

For instance, I wanted to keep her separate from our other animals. Although the vet technician told me that she was without disease and she could be around our other pets, I didn’t want her to get used to our other animals, because I thought it might stress her out to be separated from them once we took her back to be adopted.

Well, that plan flew out the window the first time we closed the door to my daughter’s bedroom with Mary Poppins inside it…the heart-wrenching meows had us opening the door and letting her roam free in about three minutes.

Exhibit A

Unfortunately, Mary Poppins is now best friends with Toby, my Sheltie pup. Poor Toby is going to be devastated when she leaves!

I also told myself that I would not indulge her in kitty treats or give her people food, because they certainly won’t be giving her those things at the Humane Society before they adopt her out, and I don’t want her to starve herself when she goes back.

I’m doing pretty good on that front…except I’ve been giving her kitten milk from Whiskas. Hey, she’s gotta gain weight!

All babies need milk!

I also told myself that I wouldn’t get too attached to her…because we really can’t handle another pet right now. I mean I CAN’T HANDLE another pet right now, as I am the one who is home all day with our three dogs and three cats. 6 is enough.


Exhibit B

I can’t help it. She is super snuggly! She follows me around the house all day, meowing at me to pick her up. If I don’t, she climbs up my leg, up my back and onto my shoulder…leaving a trail of claw marks behind her. It’s not fun.

Exhibit C

All Mary Poppins wants to do all day long is snuggle, sleep, eat, poop, play, and then snuggle, snuggle, snuggle.

She is the most precious thing ever!

I am trying really, really hard not to get attached…

I have a feeling I’ll fail at that too!


  1. says

    It’s wonderful how you are helping out with her care! I’d definitely get too attached. Hoping your next Foster Kitten Momma #fail is adopting her! LOL.

  2. says

    Aww, she is so cute! Brutus used to climb up my legs and back to sit on my shoulder, leaving claw marks the whole way too. Kudos to you, I could never foster, I would get way too attached. Looks like you are too! Good luck in whatever you decide.

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