Foreign Currency Makes Me Feel Like A Total Pimp

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When I arrived in Port of Spain, Trinidad yesterday, I knew that the exchange rate was quite high for U.S. currency over the TT…its 6.1 TT to each U.S. dollar. Wowza! Now, before I began looking up shopping destinations, I had to get a feel for the prices of things in Trinidad. I mean, 6.1 is a fantastic exchange rate, but that doesn’t mean that things are going to be cheap! While I was in Barbados in August, I found that the prices of things were actually equal to the prices in the US – despite having a 2 to 1 exchange rate.

I was starving when I landed in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Unfortunately, the only shops in their “food court” – and I use that term loosely – were Subway, Church’s Chicken, KFC and some deli…I will just say that the food items in the deli had flies buzzing around them, so that was not an option. And I didn’t come all the way to Trinidad to eat fried chicken, so I opted to save my appetite for later and just have a small sub from Subway while I waited the 3 hours until my husband arrived on his flight.

That Subway? Well, I think it was spoiled, because it tasted rancid and I had to spit it out and throw it away. But, I did find out the average value of the TT. My 6 inch Subway club was $25.99 TT. It came out to about $5.75 US…which is right on par with our costs back home. So, while the US dollar is strong in Trinidad, it’s not THAT strong that I can go on a shopping spree.

But…I do have to say that I feel like a total baller with over $1000 in my wallet – even if it is in TT!

And dinner at the Hilton last night with my husband? Granted, it was expensive even by my taste at $50 US a person…but in TT?

What’s the craziest exchange rate you’ve ever experienced with foreign currency? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. says

    This was a blast to read…I am fascinated! I remember when my mom and I were in Europe (before the Euro), the Italian Lira really threw us for a loop. We were completely clueless and everything seemed so expensive because they cost a gazillion Lira!

  2. says

    Wow that really is a crazy exchange rate! When I went to Italy back in 97 I remember the exchange rate being pretty awesome. My mom and I came home with lots f gold jewelery and leather shoes. :)

  3. Rehana says

    I live in Trinidad and whenever I go to the US it’s exactly the opposite for me LOL. Prices are definitely on par with the US and many times a lot higher because of import duties.
    Apart from the yucky airport food though I hope you got a chance to try some local fares like “double”, “bake and shark” and “phoulorie”. Did you at least get to hit the beach?

      • Rehana says

        Yeah his is definitely the BEST! Next time you’re here, put doubles and roti on your list. I could give you some yummy recommendations 😀

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