Filtrete Fast-Filtering Water Pitcher Review

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Where I live in Miami, Florida, I am on city water – which means chemicals, chemicals, chemicals. And then some more chemicals.


Have you ever tasted city tap water? It’s pretty disgusting.

I am pretty good about getting my daily recommended intake of water, but I have to drink bottled water because our city water in Miami is so full of treatment chemicals that it tastes horrible. Not only does it taste bad, but if I leave a glass of tap water sitting on the counter for a while, I can actually see that it is cloudy. That’s not very appetizing.

I make a weekly trip to stock up on bottled water and believe me when I say that the cost to drink water adds up pretty quickly when you have a family of three! I was relived and excited when I was presented with the opportunity to review the new Filtrete Fast-Filtering Water Pitcher! Being a one-income household, every penny counts, and I have always felt a bit ridiculous spending money out of our budget on something like water – who would have thought it would be necessary to spend over $1000 a year on water?!

During the holiday season, it is especially important that I watch our budget closely so that I am able to buy the gifts that I want for my daughter and the other children in the family – not to mention our family gatherings. Every penny I save on our grocery bill is money that can go towards gas to visit relatives, gifts for my nieces and nephew, or dishes for our family potluck get-togethers. Not only will I save myself from having to lug those heavy cases of bottled water into the house, but I will save money each week on my grocery bill by already having crystal-clear and delicious water right in my fridge – just by using the Filtrete Fast-Filtering Water Pitcher! Now that my water will actually be free, I plan to start using water from my Filtrete pitcher in my meal preparation as well!

About the Filtrete Fast-Filtering Water Pitcher

Pitchers are available in 12 and 8 cups and I received the 8 cup pitcher. It fits perfectly in the door of my refrigerator – but it will also fit in a dorm-sized mini fridge!

It filters 3 times faster than other filtering water pitchers. This means that you can begin drinking the water faster – no need to wait around for the filter to work it’s magic!

The fast flowing 50 gallon filter lasts about one and a half months! Replacement 50 gallon filters cost about $11.99. What I really love about this filter is that it has it’s own time-tracking system built right in – there’s no worrying about keeping track of how long it has been in and watching a calendar to make sure that you replace it on time. It has a little button that you simply push before you use it the first time and the corresponding line turns black once the filter needs to be replaced!

The Filtrete Fast-Filtering Water Pitcher reduces sediment, chlorine taste and odor. While my tap water didn’t have an odor, it did have a chlorine taste, and as I mentioned earlier, I could clearly see the sediment. After going through the Filtrete pitcher, I did not taste the chlorine and the water was clearer – it was so nice to be able to drink a nice, clean glass of water right out of my own tap!

Now that I have the Filtrete Fast-Filtering Water Pitcher, I think it will be much easier to get my daily recommended allowance – not just for myself, but for my husband and daughter as well.

With us all trying to live healthier, always having cold clean water in the house will give us no excuses for not drinking enough water!

*I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Filtrete and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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    Yeah – We lived in a condo where the water tasted heavily like Chlorine. It even smelled like the swimming pool – So we had to do bottled water too. I tried the whole pitcher thing, but hated waiting for the pitcher to fill.. I think this would have been better for us. Now we have great city water, and my new fridge has a filter. 😀

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