Family Movie Night: Marvel’s The Avengers & Super Hero Augmented Reality app

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Have you heard that Marvel’s the Avengers Blu-ray combo pack with graphic novel is now available at Walmart? Well, it is!

I love Marvel’s The Avengers. Seriously, what is not to love? The action sequences, the incredible special effects, the drama, the IRON MAN. *swoon*

We saw the movie t h r e e  t i m e s in the theater and have been waiting not-so-patiently for the release of Marvel’s The Avengers Blu-ray combo pack with graphic novel! Well…that time finally came on Tuesday of this week and I ran to Walmart as quickly as I could to buy one of the Blu-ray DVD Combo packs with the graphic novel before they all sold out!

I managed to get one, and there were only a few left! Yay! You can read all about my Marvel’s the Avengers shopping trip at Walmart in this Google+ story.

So, here’s the thing about the Super Hero Augmented Reality app for your smartphone – it’s FUN, even for adults! I went around Walmart looking for “trigger points,” meaning displays that had the Avengers icon or special seals that activated the app when viewed through your smartphone lens.

Like this one:

When you view the trigger point through the Marvel’s the Avengers Augmented Reality app, it activates different parts of the app. There are games and little stories, but unfortunately, our Walmart only had the same displays set up around the store, so the same things kept popping up for me.

The much-anticipated Marvel’s the Avengers exclusive Blu-ray combo pack gift set with the Avengers graphic novel was $27.96, not bad considering that most Blu-rays cost $29.99 anyway – this was less expensive and came with that awesome graphic novel!

Walmart had a ton of Marvel’s the Avengers merchandise – like these adorable little plastic cups that were only 87 cents!!

Of course, there were other things like clothing and party supplies and…TOYS!

Seriously, lots and lots of Avengers toys, as well as many different cartoons and movies starring the Avengers in their own stories, like Thor and Captain America.

In addition to the Marvel’s the Avengers Blu-ray Combo pack, I also headed over to the deli section and bought one of the specially marked packages of Marketside pizza – they each had an Avengers character on them and tied into the Marvel’s the Avengers Augmented reality app!

At just $8.98 for an extra large pizza, you really can’t go wrong! This was perfect for our Avengers movie night with the family! I loved being able to bring home a pizza that was actually bigger than one we would get from a pizza delivery service, and definitely bigger than the frozen pizzas in the frozen foods isle – and it was less expensive!

This was actually our first time having a a Marketside pizza from Walmart, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much we liked it. It had a good amount of cheese on it and a lot of pepperoni – and the pepperoni was good quality and didn’t leave our pizza dropping with grease!

When Angeline saw that the Super Hero Augmented Reality app was so cool, she took my phone and started playing with it herself while the pizza was cooking. When you activate the Super Hero Augmented Reality app with the pizza box, this incredible fight scene pops up on top of the pizza box!

You can see each super hero on top of the different buildings and it is a real action scene, complete with sound effects and everything!

The Blu-ray combo pack trigger point is also a pop up fight scene – it shows the hole through which Loqui was bringing in all of the bad aliens to earth! You can actually see them flying down and zooming around and hear the fighting sounds!

Angeline said it was just like in the movie but I think it looked a little different than the actual movie fighting scenes.

Marvel's The Avengers Super hero augmented reality app

What do you think? Does it look the same or different?

When we watched the movie, I never saw Captain America, Thor and the Hulk all on the rooftops like that at the same time…

super heros augmented reality app, marvel's the Avengers

It’s not too late to go get your own Marvel’s the Avengers Blu-ray combo pack with graphic novel! You can get the exclusive Blu-Ray/DVD/Novel Combo Pack at Walmart .

If you are a super hero fan, you are going to love this graphic novel! I have never been one for comic books, and even I liked it because it is so much more detailed than a comic book. The photos are awesome!

I have been so paranoid about the graphic novel getting messed up that I have been keeping it in the box it came in until I can buy a protective sleeve!

marvels the avengers graphic novel from walmart

With Christmas being right around the corner, I imagine I will be back at Walmart stocking up on more #MarvelAvengersWMT stuff! They seem to have the best selection, aside from visiting the theme park to buy stuff (like we did with Angeline’s Marvel’s the Avengers hoodie this summer!).

Do you have a smart phone? If so, I highly recommend that you download the free Super Hero Augmented Reality app! You can download it for iTunes here.

Want to stay up to date on all things Avengers related? Check out @Marvel on Twitter  and like the Marvel Facebook page!


I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Marvel. #MarvelAvengersWMT #CBias #SocialFabric All opinions are my own – I adore Marvel’s the Avengers!

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    Congrats on scoring one of the last Avengers Combo Packs! I agree – the graphic novel looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your Avengers adventure!

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