Everything You Need to Know About Purina’s Quality Standards

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Purina. 

As most of you know, I have been working with the Purina brand for quite a few years as an ambassador. I don’t take my role as a blogger and social media influencer lightly when it comes to the brands I partner with, so rest assured that when I say that I love the Purina brand, I REALLY LOVE THE PURINA BRAND. My dogs and cats have been eating a variety of Purina products over the years, and I can say that I am always amazed – and pleased! – with the improvements I see in their products, and their continual dedication to provide healthy food for our fur babies!

My dogs their dry dog food (I’m currently feeding Bailey and Toby the Purina Beyond variety, which is fantastic for their fluffy, shiny coats and overall health.

Purina Beyond

My cats love their Fancy Feast wet cat food…A LOT. Gizmo has been nicknamed “Cry Baby” by my friends because she will literally scream at us to be fed….even if she has a bowl full of dry cat food at her disposal! I often wake up with her standing on my chest meowing at me – which I know is not uncommon for cat families!

Don’t even get me started on Hazel and her addiction to Friskies Party Mix cat treats! I keep the bag in my nightstand drawer, and she KNOWS that they are there! She will jump up on the nightstand and paw at the drawer, meowing at me to give her goodies.

Friskies Party Mix cat treats

Of course, as soon as Gizmo and Kuro hear that bag open, they come running into the bedroom as well and jump right up on the bed and wait for their snacks!

Purina makes a wide variety of treats for both cats and dogs, some just for fun, for training and others that have a health-conscious benefit as well, like the Purina DentalLife dog treats or Alpo Dental Chews that help keep dog’s teeth nice and clean in between dental cleanings by the veterinarian (yes, you need to take your dogs and cats for dental check ups too, just like the non-furry members of your family).

Purina DentalLife daily oral care dog chews

Treats like these are great because not only are they TREATS that make your dogs happy, but they help with their dental health as well. Since Shetland Sheepdogs have a history of issues with their dental health (Bailey has had gingivitis twice in his 9 years), these are of great benefit to me!

Bailey eating dog treats

So What Makes Purina Products SO Great?

The Purina story starts with a rigorous vetting process for all of their partners, ensuring that they adhere to Purina’s high levels of quality standards. As they send Purina ingredients, each batch is thoroughly tested before entering the facilities to guarantee the ingredients are safe…YES! You read that correctly, Purina’s partners send the ingredients to Purina because Purina actually makes 99% of their pet food right here in the USA. Why? It’s called quality control! They want to make sure that there is no cutting of corners in the creation of their pet food. They take it a step further as well, checking the food as its being made throughout the entire process, all the way until it leaves their hands.

Purina is committed to improving the lives of pets, every day – they believe every ingredient they use has a purpose. And they know where their ingredients come from, all the way back to the source. But it doesn’t stop there; they also thoroughly test every batch of food they make to ensure all ingredients in the bag are safe.

I had absolutely no idea that Purina made most of their food here in the USA…I was pleasantly surprised! I am sure that there are lots of things many pet owners don’t know about the Purina brand and how committed they are to providing pet owners (ha ha, I say that, but we all know that our pets own US!) to quality pet food that we can feel great about feeding our fur babies.

Click this link to read about Purina’s commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients and what that means for the health and well-being of your pets!

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  1. says

    That’s great you have a line of products that are just right for your pets. I hear you about finding the perfect food for your dog or cat! I didn’t know that they make everything here in the US either!

  2. kristi says

    I love that Purina seems to really care about animals and what goes into their food and treats. That is sooo important to me, my cat and dog are a huge part of our family.

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