Everygirl’s Guide to Life by Maria Menounos

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School ended today and SUMMER is officially here!

I anticipate many long days by the pool/in the pool/around the pool reading as well as spending lazy days at the beach with a book in hand. I’m giddy with anticipation, just thinking about it! That huge stack of books on my coffee table? I can’t wait to devour them, one by one!

Everygirl's Guide to Life by Maria Menounos

The first book I read (hey, it’s Miami, summer is technically already here with 90 degree temperatures!) was Maria Menounos’s Everygirl’s Guide To Life. I am a big fan of any kind of “be better homemaker, business owner, mother, wife, etc” book and Menounos covers it all in one sweet little guide.

She had me at chapter 1’s title: Everygirl Gets Organized. I am a big fan of organization and I immediately felt myself liking this gal more and more. She is a woman after my own heart! Menounos sticks little tidbits of information and mottos throughout the book and for Chapter 1, it is “Everygirl Motto: Disorganization inhibits happiness and increases stress and chances for failure.” Preach it, girl! Menounos writes about how organization is the key to happiness. It sets the stage for success. And this I know, from personal experience.

Menounos doesn’t just explain why organization is so important. Step by step, she leads the reader through her own home and explains what she has done to organize herself, her home and her life, and gives instructions on how the reader can do the same. Chapter 2? She goes on to help the reader organize their office, their business, even their Blackberry!

Chapter 3 was my absolute favorite, as it was all about home decor. Being relatively new homeowners, my husband and I are renovating and redecorating our home step by step…we are about halfway done, so each new book I read that offers tips on decorating is very helpful to me!

In the second part of the book, Menounos concentrates more on personal issues, such as make up, skin care (she even gives recipes for homemade facials!), tanning and fashion! I love the section on clothing and personal style. Unlike many celebrities, she talks about shopping at thrift stores and personalizing her clothing. I love a celebrity that recommends that I save money on clothing!

I was really touched on the chapters about weight loss, relationships and dealing with depression. She just seems so real.

If you are looking for a great guide on how to more successfully organize yourself, whether it be personally or professionally, check out this book. It also makes a great gift a new college graduate or newlywed!





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