Dreaming of a Beach Vacation? Check out the Mississippi Gulf Coast! #MSGulfcoast

I’ve written before about my love of the Gulf Coast – the white sandy beaches, the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico, the lack of hustle and bustle that I am used to on Miami Beach…

I tell you, each time I visit the Gulf Coast, the more I love it and the more I want to return!

I’ve been researching affordable family vacations for this summer, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast kept coming up in my results…with 62 miles of shoreline and 26 miles of white sandy beaches, Mississippi sounds like my kind of place!

I am a lay-on-the-beach all day sort of girl, but my daughter bores easily – don’t all teenagers? And my husband? Well, he might lay in the sun with me for an hour, but his childhood in New Mexico didn’t exactly cultivate a love of the sand and the surf. While I would love to lay on the beach on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and enjoy that sunshine, my husband and daughter need a little entertainment.

Luckily, the Mississippi Gulf Coast is known not only for its beautiful shoreline, but for all of the activities that can be found there! I found a list of things to do, including the Gulf Islands Waterpark, dolphin encounters, jet ski rentals, swamp tours and historical home tours – all of which are perfect for keeping a teen busy on a summer afternoon!

There are so many cool gulf coast events being hosted in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area that they are an attraction all in themselves!

A Red, White and Blueberry Festival in June? A Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo in June and July? Mississippi has it all – and casinos for those who want a relaxing beach vacation by day and an exciting nightlife after the sun goes down!

If you are planning to visit the Gulf Coast this summer, why not check out all that Mississippi has to offer? You can find everything you need to plan your trip on the Mississippi Gulf Coast website!


While this post contains sponsored links, all opinions are my own – I love the Gulf Coast!


  1. says

    Thanks for the info! We always head to the Alabama coast since that’s our state, but it would be fun to check out Mississippi for a change of pace.

  2. says

    I already live on the Gulf Coast — of Florida! I can say that places like Siesta Key and Longboat Key or even Venice are lovely places to visit, with beautiful beaches (especially Siesta). Venice beach is renowned for its abundance of shark’s teeth (kids love collecting ‘em). There’s also a doggy beach in Venice where you can bring your pets, and lots of activities in Venice and Sarasota if activities are your thing.

    Me, I’ve prematurely turned into a grumpy old hag who loves her peace and quiet, so I just bag the activities and go hiking (we have LOTS of woods and nature parks with hiking trails) or just relax on the beach and take photos of our awesome Gulf sunsets.

    Jealous? ;)

  3. Crystal says

    The Florida panhandle, with its beautiful Gulf of Mexico beaches, is an excellent choice for vacationers seeking a serene beach escape..

  4. Claire says

    We always head to the Alabama coast since that’s our state, but it would be fun to check out Mississippi for a change of pace. Thanks that you’ve shared.

  5. Claire says

    I’ve only driven through, never really stopped to see anything. Thanks for letting me stopped by here.

  6. says

    It’s so funny, but I never would have thought of the Mississippi gulf coast as a place to go for a vacay. Especially since I live just off of cape cod and I am at the beach all summer long, but maybe someday….

  7. says

    My uncle lived in Mississippi for several years. He loved it. I’ve driven through on my way to Louisiana, but never stayed to visit. I might need to put it on my list.

  8. says

    I had no iadea that there were such awesome beaches over there. Though I seriously doubt that I’ll ever get there unfortunately… I have too many beaches to explore in Europe for the nearest year or so! Ha ha…

  9. says

    I’ve never visited that part of the country – but you make me WANT to! The beaches sound amazing. And with two little ones, laying on the beach all day is a thing of the past – so the events are great. I think I’ll be planning a gulf coast trip in the future :)

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