Denny’s Offers a Fit Fare Menu and So Much More!

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Denny’s has been a part of our family for a very long time. In high school, Denny’s was the place the teenagers went to for a cup of coffee and a pancakes so that we could sit and chat for hours – it was the only place that was open until all hours of the night, some locations even open 24 hours! My family rushed to Denny’s as soon as church let out on Sundays for brunch, and many, many late nights ended, or early mornings began in my early 20s with my friends and I sitting in a booth at Denny’s after a night on the town. So naturally, when I was asked to become an Ambassador for Denny’s here in Miami, I was thrilled!



Now that summer is in full swing, I know that we are all thinking about looking our best in our bathing suits…and who wants to spend all day cooking when the sun is shining and the great outdoors is calling?



Bueller? Bueller?

That’s what I thought. No one! We all want to go out to eat on the way to somewhere fun – we want to take it easy! But what we don’t want is to load up on calories before heading to the beach. No one wants a bloated belly while they’re trying to pose for family vacation photos, right?

You’ll be happy to know that Denny’s isn’t just pancakes and Moons Over My Hammy! Denny’s truly is America’s Diner, serving a wide variety of meal options that will work with whatever you are in the mood for, whether it be a hearty, calorie-laden breakfast of pancakes, bacon and butter and sugar topped grits (yes, I am from the South, grits require copious amounts of sugar and butter, y’all), or a lighter version of that classic breakfast from the Fit Fare menu.

FitFare Menu at Denny's

Yes, Denny’s has a Fit Fare Menu, people! And it is pure gold!! Denny’s Fit Fare menu items offer guests healthy eating choices without compromising on taste, value or variety.

Every dish is lower in fat and calories and higher in protein and fiber.

Fit Fare Menu at Denny's

There are delicious, healthy options for breakfast, like a Fit Slam, Omelette, and of course, pancakes! Denny’s #BYOGrandSlam offers over 250 ways to build your favorite breakfast meal for under 550 calories – see, you really don’t have to compromise your favorite breakfast foods, you just have to get creative!

It’s not all about breakfast foods, though!

We’re talking healthy and filling lunch options on the Denny’s Fit Fare menu, like Denny’s Fit Fare Cranberry Apple Chicken Salad, turkey burgers, chicken sandwiches – all stuff that is sure to make your mouth water and leave you completely satisfied without using up all of your calories for the day.

Fit Fare Menu Options at Denny's

The delicious and low calorie menu continues through dinner, with options like sirloin steak and Alaska salmon.

As you can see from these examples, each Denny’s Fit Fare menu item is designated as Lean, Light, Protein, etc, so that you know exactly how to work the meal into your dietary plan. Even if you are not on a “diet,” these options are great for those of us who try to balance out our daily diets.

Fit Fare Dinner Options at Denny's

What? Sorry, I got distracted there for a minute, thinking about that sirloin steak…

You can find out more about the Denny’s Fit Fare menu here. However, Denny’s has a lot of super fun stuff going on this summer, so be sure to check back in the coming months as I share more!

Denny’s also has a great $2468 menu and monthly features that will make your mouth water! This is such a great menu for those on a budget, or for people who want to try a little of everything.

Fit Fare Dinner Options at Denny's

We sometimes use the $2 and $4 menu like a tapas menu and share the dishes! It’s so much fun and a great way to try a few different things when new items are added to the menu – like the Eggs in a Basket!


We are heading to Denny’s soon to try out the new Red White and Blue Slam in time for the 4th of July!

Red White & Blue Slam


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  1. says

    I had no idea that Denny’s offered “better for you” options! My daughter loves Denny’s (She’s a pancake and waffle fiend!) So it’s good to know that we can go and I wont have to “cheat” on my new healthy eating plan!

  2. says

    My dad is Denny’s best customer. They all know him by name! Now that we live in the same town, we’ve also been frequenting “America’s Diner.” The Chicken Avocado Sandwich looks so yummy! I’m going to have to try that next time.

  3. says

    It always nice to let the kiddos have a bite when we travel Denny’s is always there and as a fit mom it’s n ice to know there are options at Denny’s for those who want a lighter menu.

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